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From artificial to natural grass thanks to Olmix Plant Care solutions

By July 3, 2020January 12th, 2024Plant Care Turf, Plant Care
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Dutch Eredivisie League club PEC Zwolle is betting on Olmix Plant Care Stor-it to get the pitch ready to host the competition once again.

After playing 13 years on artificial grass, Dutch Eredivisie League PEC Zwolle has decided to change its field in the stadium to natural grass. And the progress speaks for itself. To ensure a top quality pitch an optimal balance between nutrition and moisture is needed. Therefore, Heicom BV is mixing the new top layer, in which Olmix Stor-it zeolite is used, supplied by our Dutch distributor Vos Capelle.

“We are glad that the club counted on us to develop a whole new field that will be hosting the most important sports competition in the Netherlands. In this case, Olmix’ granular mineral soil improver Stor-it is used to open passive pores in the soil and actively creates a flow of air in the soil. This way, excess moisture can drain perfectly. Next to that, Stor-it also increases the buffering capacity of nutrients and provides an extremely strong, stable and porous framework in the soil.” says Geert Bakker, Olmix’s Regional Sales Manager Golf and Sport in the country.

Work in progress at Eredivisie League club PEC Zwolle.

Next step for Vos Capelle is adapting the fertilizer program to the analysis results of a sample of the top layer. Very likely, more Olmix turf products will be used. After that, the new field of the stadium is expected to turn green quickly: the goal is to have a perfect green pitch at the PEC Zwolle stadium by the middle of August.