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Olmix group introduces its biostimulant range in Vietnam

By October 24, 2019January 15th, 2024Plant Care
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The Group’s Seatech technology is now available in the country.

On the occasion of the Olmix Product Launch Seminar in the city of Da Nang (Vietnam), Olmix Group and QUANG BINH AGRICULTURAL CORPORATION (QAC) have signed a partnership agreement to commercialize Olmix’s biostimulant range within Vietnamese territory, which reinforces the desire of the company to expand its Plant Care business network in Asia.

Attended by more than 60 key distributors & growers in the whole country at Saigon Petro Hotel on the 30th September, the technical seminar shed light on the Olmix’s innovative technology and gave a deep insight into biosolutions suitable for Vietnamese agriculture.

All participants highly evaluated Olmix products and were looking forward to seeing them largely-used in Vietnamese territory in order to increase income for farmers and reduce chemical products to protect people health and environment, as said by QAC and Olmix’s representatives.

Participants of the launch seminar.

Participants of the launch seminar.

Seatech technology

Research and development have led the Olmix Plant Care division to come up with the foundations of the ‘Integrated Plant Care Management’ concept, which aims to improve the 3 essential factors of plant production performance: the quality of the soil, the quality of the plant’s nutrition and its ability to withstand aggression. Thus, relying on innovative technologies, Olmix biosolutions are indispensable tools that accompany and support the transition to agro-ecology

Olmix’s biostimulants are derived from Seatech technology, which is based on the extraction and enhancement of nutrients and active substances from algae in order to stimulate plant growth and their ability to withstand aggression.

Products to be commercialized

  • Seamel BLOOM: A homogeneous flowering is essential for the quality of the grape harvest. To guarantee this step, the foliar solution Seamel BLOOM concentrates the nutrients useful to flowering. Its mode of action is based on the biostimulant properties of active ingredients taken from red algae, supplemented by amino acids and essential minerals (Mg, B, Mo). Seamel BLOOM stimulates the blooming cycle and secures the flowering sequence until the fruit set.
  • Seamel PREVENT: Crops are subject to multiple aggressions throughout their cycle. To boost plant resistance, Seamel PREVENT foliar solution provides balanced nutrition designed to stimulate their own stress response mechanisms. Seamel PREVENT maintains plant vigour to ensure optimal development throughout their cycle.
  • Seamel Zn-Mn: As a crucial stage of the crop’s life cycle, the plant needs to assure a strong and homogenous early growing stage while the plant is still small and weak against stress situations. The foliar solution Seamel Zn-Mn makes it possible to cross this stress situation properly. Its mode of action is based on the biostimulant properties of active ingredients taken from red algae, supplemented by amino acids and essential mineral elements (Zn, Mn, S).

Mr Emmanuel Bausson (Olmix Plant Care).

Mr David Dang (Olmix Plant Care).

Mr Emmanuel Bausson – Olmix Plant Care Market Manager – Special Crops :We are now prepared to introduce the Olmix Plant Care range in Vietnam, which is a challenge and it proves the great effort that we are making for this field of activity to continue to grow in Asia. We are in line with the Group’s philosophy to build a healthy food chain Thanks to Algae so it is of utmost importance that we get to reduce the use of pesticides, which cause dramatic consequences in the physiology and biochemistry of plants. We hope this is just the first step of a continuous and fruitful professional business in the country.

Mr Nguyen Van Binh – QAC CEO :We have made great efforts to launch the specific products of Olmix Plant Care and trade the products legally in Vietnam. Having the same goal towards green agriculture, we respect the Olmix Group’s philosophy on building a healthy food chain. This is also the foundation of our sustainable cooperation and development.

Mr Nguyen Van Binh (QAC CEO).