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Olmix Group launches its Olmix plant care range in Taiwan

By October 14, 2019January 15th, 2024Plant Care
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The company is introducing several products for photosynthesis optimization, crop resistance, foliar fertilization, humification and soil activation into the Taiwanese market.

Olmix Group continues to expand its Plant Care range throghout East Asia. Renowned for its holistic approach to plant production, Olmix Group has been gradually commercializing innovative biosolutions in the Asian continent, so it was only natural for the company to put its technology, experience and know-how at the service of a such a fast-growing as Taiwan.

Attended by more than 20 experts and plant professionals, the Olmix Product Launch Seminar was held by Olmix Group and its partner GoFar Group in the city of Kaohsiung, where programs, production strategies and technology to be introduced into the area were presented along with the Olmix Group’s philosophy and global goal.

Attendees of the Olmix Product Launch seminar.

Integrated Plant Care Management through Seatech and MIP technologies

Research and development have led the Olmix Plant Care division to come up with the foundations of the ‘Integrated Plant Care Management’ concept, which aims to improve the 3 essential factors of plant production performance: the quality of the soil, the quality of the plant’s nutrition and its ability to withstand aggression.

On this occasion, Olmix Group has decided to rely on two specific innovative technologies to tackle the main challenges within the plant industry in Taiwan: Seatech and MIP (Mineral Inducer Process).

  • Seatech: Extraction and enhancement of nutrients and active substances from algae in order to stimulate plant growth and their ability to withstand aggression.
  • MIP: Using bioactive properties of minerals and specific trace elements to stimulate the biological reactions of the plant and the microflora within the soil.

Distribution network and products

Olmix Group and GoFar Group have signed a distribution and partnership agreement that will enable both companies to supply and delivery the following Plant Care solutions:

  • AgrOptim Sunset: Agroptim Sunset is a foliar biostimulant with specific minerals. Its original mode of action is based on the stimulating properties of the MIP plant active ingredient and optimises the installation of crops and establishment of yield components.
  • AgrOptim Zenith: AgrOptim Zenith is a foliar biostimulant with specific minerals combined with a nitrogen-based solution. Its original mode of action is based on the stimulating properties of the MIP plant active ingredient. The complementarity of its ingredients optimises production and harvest quality.
  • SeaMel Bloom: A homogeneous flowering is essential for the quality of the grape harvest. To guarantee this step, the foliar solution Seamel Bloom concentrates the nutrients useful to flowering. Its mode of action is based on the biostimulant properties of active ingredients taken from red algae, supplemented by amino acids and essential minerals (Mg, B, Mo). Seamel Bloom stimulates the blooming cycle and secures the flowering sequence until the fruit set.
  • Oceamax: Oceamax is a high-quality organo-mineral solution composed of amino acids, seaweed extracts, urea and potassium sulfate. Oceamax contains a red algae concentrate (Solieria chordalis) harvested fresh on the Atlantic coast to maintain all their active compounds. The extraction process is based on a method of cold grinding and pressing, without additive, to maintain the quality of unique marine active ingredients with nutritional properties for the plants.
  • Neosol: Neosol is a soil conditioner in the form of concentrated pellet of premium quality. Thanks to its MIP soil active ingredient, Neosolstimulates the soil biological activity, in order to improve its fertility.

Olmix Group is looking forward to a continuous and fruitful professional business in Taiwan.