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Olmix plant care teams hold international meeting on algae and biostimulants

By October 14, 2019January 12th, 2024Plant Care
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Olmix Plant Care international team gathered last September at the Breizh Algae School (Bréhan, France) to hold several meetings and technical workshops to keep up to date with the latest trends related to the biostimulants market and the research of algae in plant production.

Motivational, productive, fruitful or enriching could be used to describe the very first international meeting held by the Olmix Plant Care team last September at the Breizh Algae School, in Bréhan (France) where it all began. Just before the 25th anniversary of the Group, the company succeeded to organize one of its major milestones in terms of team building and technical training. It was yet another step towards achieving the goal of growing plants better through innovative algae-based technology for plant health, vitality and development.

Participants of the Olmix Plant Care international meeting.

Algae, the base of everything

Olmix Group goes hand in hand with seaweeds. If there is any company in the world whose expertise and dedication to algae valorization goes without saying, that is Olmix. So, it was only natural for this journey to get deep into the properties and benefits that this marine resource has to offer.

Thanks to a complete marine algae processing chain and a unique biorefinery process, Olmix nowadays possesses a second-to-none technology called Seatech, which allows the extraction and enhancement of nutrients and active substances from algae in order to stimulate plant growth and their ability to withstand aggression. Olmix’s expertise in the field of Plant Care is also derived from MIP (Mineral Inducer Process) technology, which uses bioactive properties of minerals and specific trace elements to stimulate the biological reactions of the plant and the microflora within the soil. All this technology was born thanks to pure research and has been largely proven on field, resulting in a great asset for Plant Care Management with incredible results.

Technical seminars at the Breizh Algae School (France).

This meeting was perfect to provide the teams with a general overview of the great potential of algae directly on field but also to make them see that research has just began. Our technology allows us to continuously come up with innovative strategies to be used within the industry. We all share the same goal and vision and that leads to motivation and hard work,” says Bruno Daridon, Olmix Plant Care R&D Manager.

Biostimulants are the key!

But if there was a key topic to be spotlighted, that was the situation of the biostimulant market and the challenges within the team to adapt to a whole new era of production. Everyone could make the most of this reunion by sharing its concerns about the industry, the strong points of the Olmix Plant Care portfolio and also the market needs to be detected to provide customers and producers with the best possible tools.

As a fact, it can’t be denied that interest in Olmix Group’s biostimulants has soared in recent years, as comprehensive trials data and scientific research has proven their benefits beyond all doubt. These details where shared and discussed along with some feedback from customers and partners.

The potential of our biostimulants is huge and it was necessary to make sure that we are all keeping up to date with the latest data and information around the sector. Also, it was indeed a very interesting discussion the one we had because we put things on the table and all ideas and feedback that we shared will definitely help us grow as a team and also to continue in the right direction.” Didier Blin, Olmix Plant Care Marketing Director.

Technical seminars at the Breizh Algae School (France).

Soil profile assessment

The Biostimulating Days were also a good occasion to exchange knowledge and experience on issues such as soil fertility and how to stimulate crop production and circular economy. And what else could it be more authentic than a soil profile itself?

Soil profile presentation.

Visit to the Olmix Group factory

As the icing on the cake, the Olmix Plant Care team took the chance to visit the Olmix Group’s industrial unit to process seaweeds.

Together as a team, Thanks to Algae!