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Meeting the increasing demand on organic fertilizers

By February 3, 2021January 8th, 2024Plant Care Turf, Plant Care
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An insight into the latest updates of the Olmix Turf Division.

Feeding only the turf is a thing of the past. In the last years, turf producers are shifting towards new innovative practices which also put the focus in getting the most out of the soil. The golf and sport field sector has embraced the “organic” train that brings many new alternatives to boost soil life, make nutrition easier available for the plant and thus improve the quality of the playing surface.

In this new era, the Turf Division of Olmix has seen some of its solutions growing sharply in terms of market’s demand. More particularly, the volume of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers of the company, driven by great results in the field, have increased their figures in diverse countries and areas in the world, thus becoming a renowned asset for the industry.

“The Sales of organic fertilizers are particularly increasing in Asian countries but also the organo-minerals in North and West Europe and the Middle East”, says Geert Bakker, Olmix’s Turf Sales Manager in Northern Europe, in a recent interview with Greenkeeper magazine. “In the Netherlands, our organomineral range Marathon® distributed through our exclusive partner Vos Capelle, is growing strongly, especially in the golf and sports pitches sectors.” This dynamic is also noticed on the French market where more and more football and rugby fields of the first leagues are convinced by the results of the Olmix organomineral fertilizers range.

Olmix’s solutions for turf are growing sharply in terms of market’s demand.

The great success achieved by Marathon® is due to the XSER® technology patented by Olmix Plant Care, which is applied to the whole range of products.

The XSER® technology is based on a complexation technology of different nitrogen sources.
It ensures a progressive release of nutrients to the plant.
Dramatically reduces the risk of leaching and thatch formation.

“Marathon® is a formulation of organo-mineral compounds that makes nutrients available when the soil and the grass need it. The combination of different forms of fertilizers gradually feeds the plant and at the same time prevents excessive concentration in the soil. The XSER® technology thus help us to improve the efficiency of fertilization. The organic matter stimulates a very active bacteral soil life. This results in healthy, strong and dense grass, resistant to play pressure and reduced thatch,” Bakker says.

Besides, Olmix is one of the largest and most innovative producers in the field of seaweed-based products. Deep scientific research has proven that algae contain ingredients with stimulating properties for both plants and the microbial flora in the soil. This research has led the company to develop ranges such as the Melgreen foliar fertilizers, which act as a growth promoter for the turf and as a trigger for defence mechanisms against abiotic stress, such as drought, heat and frequent mowing of the grass. “The Melgreen range consist of three products; Melgreen Mn, Melgreen Si and Melgreen Cu. All off them have proven their efficacy and are about to be more known in the market”.

Latest updates

The latest development concerning organo-minerals fertilizers is that Olmix has started its own production of its Marathon ranges, thus no longer depending on third parties. Marathon SPORT is now manufactured in the Olmix factory in the Netherlands, whereas Marathon GOLF is now produced in the Olmix’s facilities in France.

“There are some other novelties,” says Bakker. “We produce new granulation for both the Marathon GOLF range (1-2 mm) and the Marathon SPORT range (2-3 mm). Less dusty, the grains solve better and it reduces the loss during mowing. We have also adapted packaging with new recyclable bags with a new design.”