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Specific algae extracts as an alternative to antibiotics at ILDEX Vietnam 2018

By March 27, 2018January 15th, 2024Animal Care
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Olmix Group presented its strategies to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal livestock at ILDEX Vietnam, which took place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from 14-16 March.

Olmix’s stand at ILDEX Vietnam 2018.

To close his speech, the Olmix Group’s expert listed several techniques to be applied in the farm in order to reduce the use of antibiotics and other external factors, as well as presenting the benefits of the Olmix Antibiotic-free Programme.

There are many production techniques and strategies we can use instead of antibiotics. We should control the animals’ environment to ensure their health and welfare. Also, we should take care of nutrition, bio-security and bio-exclusion, among some other important factors such as immunity and digestive efficiency. Olmix Group has created a comprehensive and consistent Antibiotic-free Programme that allows to reduce the need for antibiotics in farms with high consumptions while improving zootechnical performances”, Dr Guillaume explained.

Dr Michel Guillaume at ILDEX Vietnam.