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Algae at the heart of the Ryder Cup

By October 17, 2018January 15th, 2024Olmix Group
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Le Golf National applied the algae-based Olmix Integrated Plant Care Management programme to get golf courses ready for the Ryder Cup 2018.

Taking greenkeeping to the next level was the main reason that led Olmix Group and Le Golf National (Paris, France) to start building a professional relationship 4 years ago. Now, results speak for themselves: Le Golf National has recently hosted one of greatest and most-acclaimed editions of the Ryder Cup, achievement where the specific Olmix’s nutrient and soil structure programme was involved.

Le Golf National went the extra mile to be the home of this major event, which is considered to be the most prestigious golf competition across the globe. Taking care of every single detail, every hole and every leaf of grass, the competition staff could only use products of the highest-level to get golf courses more than ready for this historical picture. And Olmix Group was behind that.

Greenkeepers at Le Golf National.

In ordinary speech, we use ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘excellent’ when it comes to quality scales. However, in terms of golf, we use ‘good’, ‘better’ and the superlative ‘Ryder Cup’. This means that we do choose our providers very carefully. Olmix Group has been partners with Le Golf National for many years: first we used the Olmix Plant Care ranges for the development of golf courses and now we are using them for their long-term improvement and conservation”, Alejandro Reyes, superintendent of Le Golf National, said before the tournament.

Care of greens and fairways Thanks to Algae

Le Golf National and Olmix Group worked together to the best of their ability to provide players and spectators with the greatest possible scenario at the Ryder Cup. Status of greens and fairways met international expectations and made competition an event like no other. But… how was this technically possible?

On greens…

Le Golf National applies a full liquid range of products to have a direct control over the greens. Olmix’s Melgreen Plant Care Management Programme helps to keep greens healthy by assuring optimal nutrition through the leaf, with healthy turf as the main target. Formulated and complexed with red seaweeds molecules and micro elements, Melgreen Liquid products result in an active healthy turf with balanced growth. The Ryder Cup showed that the programme provides greener and healthier grass and an outstanding playability for grounds.

On fairways…

As for fairways, Le Golf National goes for a mix of granulars. In this case, the chosen ones are Matrix and Marathon Golf, from the Olmix Plant Care range for mineralization and nutrition optimization. First, by using Matrix, Le Golf National aimed at buffering moisture and nutrients, crumbling soil structure and promoting bacterial activity in the soil. Secondly, Marathon Golf was used to reach constant growth without scorching and to active root development and denser sod, which leads to hard and dense turf.

Greenkeepers at Le Golf National.

Greenkeepers at Le Golf National.

Olmix Group at the Technical Seminar of the Ryder Cup

As official partner of Le Golf National, Olmix Group took part in the technical seminar organized by the Ryder Cup, which was attended by 170 professional experts of the golf industry from 26 different countries and by several representatives of international turf companies, who gathered for this exclusive and major event.

Olmix Group, with the greenkeeper family of the Ryder Cup

Besides, the Olmix Group team had the privilege to spend the whole event with “the incredible team of greenkeepers of the Ryder Cup”, a unique and unforgettable experience.

It was almost unbelievable to be there! We even have had access inside the ropes! It was like being part of one big happy family working hard from 5.00 a.m. in the morning until 10.00 p.m. at the course. It was a very long journey but it was worth every minute!” Jos Theunissen reported.

Olmix Group’s delegation at the Ryder Cup.

Olmix Group’s delegation at the Ryder Cup.

Lastly, Olmix Group took the opportunity of the Ryder Cup to invite its customers to participate in a golf tournament at Le Château de Rochefort (Yvelines, France) and to attend the Cup final, where not only the European Team resulted winner after defeating one of the greatest United States’ squads in history, but also where the philosophy to contribute to sustainable golf management thanks to natural resources, Thanks to Algae, was an evidence!