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Promising projects of Olmix plant care in Asia

By May 11, 2020January 12th, 2024Plant Care
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From October 2018, the Olmix Plant Care team in Asia is working through partnership with Thanh Thanh Cong Bien Hoa to develop several organic farming projects in Laos, Cambodia, to be exported to other countries in South East Asia.

Last February, technical experts from Olmix and TTC Attapeu (subsidiary of TTC Group), hold several meetings in the field to keep up to date with the diverse projects that both companies aim to develop in Cambodia and South East Asia.

Trial with organic fertilizers

From 2019, TTC was carrying out trials on organic fertilizer of Primeo Orga, which is based on the Olmix’s MIP (Mineral Inducer Process) biostimulant technology, which uses bioactive properties of minerals and specific trace elements to stimulate the biological reactions of the plant and the microflora within the soil.

Further to our collaboration project, Olmix Plant Care works closely with TTCA technical team to increase the yield and quality of sugarcane. In a context of organic farming and extreme weather conditions, the production faces several issues such as lack of nutrients and soil structure problems. Therefore, Olmix’s MIP biostimulant combined with organic fertilizer: Primeo Orga provides a good supply and balance for sustainable organic production,” says David Dang, Business Development Plant Care – Asia Pacific.

Olmix Group and TTC Attapeu teams.

Olmix Group and TTC Attapeu teams.

With this strategy teams are expecting two waves of results:

  • In a short term there there will be an increase of the potassium supply for sugarcane which will result in a better maturation stage for higher BRIX index, which is fundamental for sugar production.
  • In a second and mid-term an improvement of soil structure is expected, which will help the overall growth and will lead to increase yield & quality thanks to a better soil structure and enhancing microbial soil activity (porosity, roots system, humidity, air, etc.).

Trial on seaweed-based biostimulants

During the 2019-2020 seasons the Group is also carrying out an on-field trial to check results and the efficacy of algae-based biostimulants from the Olmix’s range such as Seamel Prevent and Agroptim Sunset.

The TTC Attapeu farms are located in an area with limit access to water and strong drought season every year. Irrigation is one of the main problems for farming. Lack of water brings stress to the plant and it happens at critical stage of development. That’s why Olmix Plant Care proposed to TTC Attapeu 2 potential situations to help the plant to overcome the stress stage.

In one hand we are testing Olmix SEALICA technology: Seamel Prevent to improve the turgidity of the plant for stronger cells, metabolism and improve nutrient transports. In the other hand we are testing MIP Plant technology: Agroptim SUNSET which is stimulating plant cell functions for faster plant metabolism against stress (Amplification of calcium response and stress response),” Dang explains.

Both teams are expecting first results at the end of the current crop cycle by end 2020. As plants are faster and stronger growth at the critical stage, they have chances to better uptake nutrients and lead to healthier plants for better quantity and quality at the end.

Olmix is not only providing TTC Group teams with its expertise for better agriculture (fertilization, irrigation, soil management, among others) but also aiming to optimize of the costs of production within the whole cycle. Also, both teams are working on new projects such as diversification on organic farming.