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SPACE 2022: reducing gas emissions while improving animal health and welfare

By September 6, 2022January 4th, 2024Animal Care
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The Olmix Animal Care team will run this year the Booth C55 (Hall 9) to show our new tools for optimal effluents management, that have come to enhance our animal welfare programme in a context of high cost of fertilizers, as well as our solutions to deal with mycotoxins risk challenges.

Olmix’s booth at SPACE 2021.

The 36th edition of SPACE is just round the corner! The renowned international exhibition for animal breeding will be soon opening its doors to thousands of livestock farmers and professionals seeking the best tools and strategies to improve animal husbandry practices in a challenging context for the industry, where efficient solutions for animal performance and health, optimising resources and preserving the environment have become keys to keep the wheel turning towards a sustainable animal production.

Join the team at Both C55 – Hall 9

Taking place from Tuesday 13 to Thursday 15 at the Rennes Exhibition Centre in France, the Olmix Animal Care team has the show marked on the calendar as the company aims to present its programs to deal with the main threats for animals, being particularly focused this year on the animal welfare programs. This year our experts will be highlighting our new offer -Z’fix® Slurry- enabling to preserve nitrogen in manure while improving atmosphere in the buildings (less ammonia), which is another step in the roadmap set up for years by Olmix towards a decarbonated industry. With 25 years hindsight on this subject through our expertise on clays & macroalgae based solutions and new research programs implemented, Olmix targets to activate levers as for example ammonia and methane emissions.

We look forward to meeting you at our Booth C55 at Hall 9!

Tuesday 13: join the conversation with Merci Les Algues !

On the very first day of the event starting from 12.00 a.m., several experts from the ‘Merci les Algues !’ association will join our stand to share the results of their algae-based programs to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock farming as well as the consumer approach to the label. It is a great opportunity to discover the diverse use and application of algae-sourced solutions to reduce the environmental impact in agriculture (pesticides, antibiotiques) and how to produce in a different and respectful way.

Wednesday 14: Technical breakfast with focus on effluents management and nitrogen preservation with the innovative range Z’fix® Slurry. Animal Welfare Program.

Committed to environmental hygiene, animal welfare and optimal use of resources since its foundation, it was the right time for the Olmix Animal Care team to highlight all the company’s tools to reach those targets, with a particular focus on effluents management allowing to optimize nitrogen: both saving nitrogen for further use as a solution to current high fertilizer prices while reducing ammonia emissions, which are detrimental to both animals and humans!

Hence in the context of high cost of nitrogen fertilizers and the tougher regulation on environment, we will be glad to welcome Solène Lagadec, from the Regional Chamber of Agriculture of Brittany, who will deliver a speech on the keys to optimize nitrogen management and how to guarantee well-being and economic performances. Feel free to join the conversation from 10.00-11.00 a.m., at our booth!

Later on, our experts will put the focus on our Z’fix® range, where we have some great updates and results to share, specially around our farm effluent solution Z’fix® Slurry.

Z’fix® Slurry is a dust-free microgranular product designed to improve the biological, physical and agronomic quality of slurries. Its active ingredient ECO contains minerals and trace elements selected to ensure a better diversity and activity of the microbial flora for a better preservation of the organic matter and the fertilizing elements. Z’fix® Slurry can be used in pigs, cattle, ducks’ slurries, reducing by 25% on average the ammonia emissions in buildings and odours during the storage and at spreading. In parallel, Z’fix® Slurry enables to preserve on average +10% of nitrogen in the slurries. When added to potential positive consequences on animal’s growth, return on investment can go up to 8!

This year, a new format of Z’fix® Slurry has seen the light: Z’fix® Slurry Power. In form of dust-free microgranular product, this more concentrated version is easy and very quick to apply. Z’Fix® Slurry Power is mainly dedicated to pigs’ slurries. Hence, the Z’fix®Slurry range brings adapted solutions to improve the atmosphere in the buildings, increase the slurries’ homogeneity and fluidity, improve  the animals’ welfare and performance and preserve the effluents’ fertilizing value.

Besides, we can’t forget to mention our renowned and internationally awarded drying agent Mistral®. This tool for a better hygiene management on the farm celebrated its 25th anniversary last year at the fair. Mistral® is fully part of Olmix welfare program, a product that has proved to contribute to improving the hygiene and welfare of the animals while reducing ammonia in buildings up to 50% too.

Olmix’s conference on mycotoxins at SPACE 2021.

Thursday 15: the latest scientific research on mycotoxin risk management

On Thursday from 10.00 a.m. at our booth our team will be shedding light on our newest findings on the transfer of mycotoxins to animals through two research partnership between Olmix with the Veterinary School of Toulouse (ENVT) and Schothorst Feed Research center (the Netherlands). These studies allowed Olmix to successfully evaluate the efficacy of its algae-clay technology, being these results recently published through several peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Also, at 3.00 p.m. our For Feed Product Manager Marie Gallissot will join the Observatoire des mycotoxines to present its work on the mycotoxin risk understanding and evaluation in corn silage in France in the last 4 years. Don’t miss the appointment at Salle F – espace administration!

We look forward to meeting you at SPACE 2022!

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