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“We should boost crop defences in the best possible natural way”

By February 19, 2018January 15th, 2024Plant Care
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Last Monday, 12th February, Olmix Plant Care and Servicentre hosted together a technical day in Vilatenim (Catalonia, Spain) on viticulture and fruit growing.

Vilatenim (Catalonia, Spain) was the place to be last Monday, 12th February, where the Olmix Plant Care and Servicentre teams organized a Technical Day on Viticulture and Fruit Growing that was attended by dozens of professionals from the main vine, fruit and olive producers and cooperatives in the area.

The programme counted on two scientific presentations, being Mr Thierry Audier, Olmix’s Viticulture Specialist, the first one to challenge the audience with a question on how climate change may force to introduce several changes to the global viticulture practices:

Climate change is already transforming viticulture and we have to follow new approaches because of that. So, at this moment I would say that we should focus on improving the wine quality parametres and on trying to reduce the fungal load. Also, key processes in the vineyard such as flowering are to be highly considered and products such as SeaMel Barricade can help us on that”, he said.

Thierry Audier: “Climate change is already transforming viticulture”.

Later on, it was Mr José Ángel Macho’s −Olmix’s Sales Regional Manager- turn to talk not only about the existing organic solutions for fruit growing but also to share a presentation on the current situation of fruit and olive trees in the area and how the Olmix’s natural products can bring clear benefits to their development and growth:

Our goal is to boost the defences of fruit crops in a natural way, since that will mean stronger trees and a more homogeneous production. For that, we recommend the foliar application of specific algae extracts and micronutrients to be provided by the SeaMel biostimulant range for Plant Care. For example, using our organic complex SeaMel Barricade along with the Melstar S fertiliser in winter period would be a very good alternative for an effective control of pests and diseases and to reduce the soil toxicity at the same time”, Macho explained.

To close the event, participants and speakers could discuss these topics all together in a relaxed atmosphere at lunch time.

José Ángel Macho: “Our goal is to boost the defences of fruit crops in a natural way”.

José Ángel Macho: “Our goal is to boost the defences of fruit crops in a natural way”.