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Olmix Group, awarded at the 1st edition of the CCI France International Awards

By June 26, 2018January 15th, 2024Press release, Olmix Group
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PRESS RELEASE – Paris, 25th June, 2018.

CCI France International, worldwide institution that brings together and animates the 120 French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad, held the first edition of the CCI International Awards on Monday, 25th June, at the historic auditorium Salle Wagram in Paris, France. The ceremony, attended by more than 500 French business representatives, shed light on the important role that French companies are taking in terms of innovation, sustainability and circular economy all around the globe.

In this context, Olmix Group, one of the nominees of the night, was awarded the Special Jury Prize, not only for its figures in the recent years -the company counts on more than 800 employees, is present in more than 100 countries through 27 business locations and had a turnover of EUR 155m in 2017 (80% to be invested in exports)- but also for its contribution to biotechnology through its global strategies and philosophy to sustainably feed 9 billion people by 2050.

Mr Hervé Balusson, Olmix Group’s CEO & Founder, was the one to take the prize on stage, where he shared a few words on the path to be followed by the company towards a global, healthy, sustainable and low carbon agri-food chain, always hand in hand with algae and marine bioresources.

This prize is an award for our international investment and research in algae-based soltions for a high-quality nutrition that respects and protects both health and environment. Thanks to algae, our solutions help humanity to develop a sustainable and low-carbon agriculture, which is the first step of the chain. Algae not only allow us to reduce the carbon footprint in production, but also pave the way to access alternatives for a healthier diet and design large number of natural products. Many applications are yet to be unveiled to meet the health and environmental challenges of tomorrow“, he said.


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