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Innovative solutions for a better poultry health management

By December 18, 2017January 15th, 2024Digestive efficiency, Animal Care
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Olmix Group organized a technical seminar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to present its latest innovations on the Olmix’s Algo-Ceutical range in poultry to our partner CP Cambodia.

With open arms, Olmix Group welcomed 70 participants from CP Cambodia, our partner in the country, in Phnom Penh for a dynamic technical seminar. As a part of Olmix Cambodia continuous effort to keep bringing technical updates to our partners, this seminar focused on how to apply the Olmix’s Algo-Ceutical range in poultry. In a nutshell, the event shed light on those antibiotic-free strategies that can help enhance animals’ natural defenses and reduce pressure diseases as well as highlighting our tailored solutions for our clients to better address the situation of livestock in the Asian market, particularly in Cambodia.

The workshop counted with the presence of 2 experts with diverse background such as Dr Quero Benoit, expert in cattle herd and avian medicines and management, and Mr Matthieu Le Goff, Olmix’s Development Manager and Consultant for the Olmix’s Algo-Ceutical range for poultry. Both had some interesting points to share with the attendees.

First, Dr Quero showed his deep insights and analysis through his presentations entitled ‘Ensuring a good start of the chicks’ and ‘Key elements of the bird’s metabolism and production performances’:

Chick management during the first week is crucial because intestinal health promotion is very important especially in young chicks. For a better management, we have to make sure that we protect the gastrointestinal mucosal barrier properly. Besides, we should always try to reduce the use of antibiotics, and Olmix’s products can help us reach that goal. For example, the use of SeaLyt during 3 days will protect the gut and increase the mucus layer, As for immunity, DigestSea will boost the innate and adaptive immunity, protect the liver and the digestive tract and kidney of broilers”, he explained.

All participants of the Olmix Seminar.

Later, Mr Le Goff focused his speech on some other Olmix tools to ensure a proper health status of the chicks, specially during the first 7 days of life:

Indeed, Olmix offers a wide range of products that can be used to face some of the main challenges for young chicks. Following Dr Quero’s speech, we could also add Searup to the list. The immune system constantly faces environmental aggressors, such as vaccination programmes, stress and mycotoxins. Moreover, young animals often lack sufficient protection and are more susceptible to microbial infections. For these reasons, reinforcing the immune system is a priority, and Searup will help us in this field”, he said.