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Olmix group Phd Maria Matard-Mann successfully defended her thesis on new active marine bacteria enzymes on algal polysaccharides

By December 20, 2017January 15th, 2024Animal Care
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Ms Matard-Mann defended her doctoral thesis on December 7 before a jury of seven scientific experts, at Roscoff Marine Station (France).

After 3 years of study and research at the Roscoff Marine Station as a part of the CIFRE European Research Training Programme and under the supervision of Olmix Group, Ms Maria Matard-Mann finally completed and successfully defended her thesis on Thursday, December 7, to a jury composed by seven highly qualified scientists at the conference room of the Roscoff Station.

The thesis, entitled ‘Research and characterization of new enzymes from marine bacteria active on algal polysaccharides, with a structural and biochemical approach‘, was recognized for its quality and its comprehensive approach to the topic.

Key points of the thesis:

  • Algal polysaccharides are marine resources, whose valorization is hampered by the lack of proper tools to modify their structure.
  • Marine bacteria, living associated with macroalgae, synthesize enzymes acting on these polysaccharides. They represent a great opportunity for the development of blue biotechnology.
  • This thesis project resulted in the successful cloning and production in a soluble form of several dozen of new bacterial enzymes active on algal polysaccharides.

You can read the whole abstract here.

Ms Matard-Mann successfully defended her thesis