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How to reduce ammonia emissions and improve pig welfare and performance

By August 25, 2022January 4th, 2024Z'fix Slurry, Animal Care
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Rising input costs, together with environmental challenges, such as reducing ammonia emissions, remind us of the importance of managing and valorising the available resources on-farm.

The slurry constitutes a complex ecosystem of many microbial populations. Following the change of environment from the animals’ digestive tract to the storage pits, this ecosystem faces strong imbalances (growth slow down of some microbial species, strong ammonia concentrations, volatile fatty acids accumulation).

It results in a decrease of diversity and efficacy of the microbial population leading to poor fermentation and the issues encountered by producers (poor room atmosphere, impact on animal health, crusts and sedimentation development, difficult slurry mixing and emptying, decrease of its agronomic value).

Our experts discuss how to face this issue on Positive Action magazine:

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