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Olmix celebrated the 25th anniversary of Mistral technology at the World Pork Expo

By June 15, 2021January 5th, 2024Environmental Hygiene, Animal Care
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Thank you for joining us at our Booth!

After being canceled last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Pork Expo went back on track and opened its doors on June 9th at the Iowa State Fairgrounds (Des Moines, IA). Thousands of U.S. and global pork producers, industry professionals and industry experts gathered for three days of education, innovation, and networking.

During this renowned expo, the Olmix Animal Care team exhibited at Booth V701, where the latest updates on our solutions for digestive efficiency, immunity, gut integrity, environmental hygiene & feed safety (Mycotoxin risk management) were addressed.

Environmental Hygiene

25thanniversary of MistralTM technology: a new range of drying agents now made in the USA!

For more than 2 decades, the renowned MistralTM drying agent has supported the United States producers with the ability to meet their needs and maximize their profitability through a combination of high quality and service. Our unique Mistral™ technology provides, a high drying capacity, an easy application process and environmental benefits. This is all done while also being safe for animals and users.

Furthermore, after listening to feedback from producers and industry professionals, the Olmix team has decided to go a step further, and recently made some significant changes:

  • Broader range with 2 Mistral™ technology products: Mistral™ and Alizé™.
  • Logistical improvements: Made in the USA!
  • Easier handling: now in 40lb bags.

These changes coincide with the 25th anniversary of our MistralTM technology worldwide and have raised great expectation among visitors, clients, and partners. MistralTM technology has been rewarded in the past by the World Pork Expo and recognized at the highest level internationally.

Digestive Efficiency

How to maximize the benefits of ingested feed is one of the hottest topics in the pig industry, especially in the finishing phase following the ban of ractopamine use. Our team described how to optimize feed conversion by boosting digestive enzyme activity in the gut and thus maximizing performance.

About AlgoFeed+TM

Animal Immunity & Gut Integrity

It is no secret that stressful periods (heat, transport, vaccination, weaning, etc.), weaken the immune system. This makes the animal more vulnerable to pathogens present in the environment and ultimately affecting their productivity. That is why it is vital to support animal’s natural defenses before and during critical times, reducing the impact of stress on performance.

About AlgoGuardTM

Feed safety

The prevention of mycotoxin risk remains a hot topic in many states. Moisture is the single most important factor in determining if and how rapidly mycotoxin-producing molds will grow in feeds. The Olmix team can help you with a moisture management program to be implemented at the feed mill and on the farm.

About AlgoniteTM

It was our pleasure to exhibit at the World Pork Expo again, especially to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our MistralTM technology! This year we have focused our efforts to meet the needs and demands of our customers and the market. Olmix is the sole company in the world offering solutions using natural active compounds from macroalgae. Olmix is working hard to bring its worldwide expertise & sustainable solutions to the U.S. market, and this is just another step forward.

Rodney Calhoun, Manager Director in the US & Canada.

Thank you for joining us at the World Pork Expo!