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Olmix sponsor and official technical partner for Le Golf National!

By March 7, 2018January 15th, 2024Plant Care
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Olmix Group is proud to be among the «official technical partners» of the prestigious golf course Le Golf National in Paris, home of the HNA French Open and host of the 2018 Ryder Cup (25-30 September 2018)!

Thanks to its innovative technologies, the quality of its products with algae-based active principles and the expertise of its teams, Olmix Group is a reference in the turf field by offering a range of solutions perfectly adapted to reliability requirement imposed by the biggest golf courses.

Indeed, the ranges Matrix, Marathon, Melgreen and Melstar-S meet the objectives of the greenkeepers on the various stages of the course, including those particularly demanding of Le Golf National.

As mentioned by Alejandro Reyes[1], the greenkeeper and superintendent of the Le Golf National: “In the everyday world, we have good, better, best. In the golf world we can replace this by good, better, and the superlative ‘Ryder Cup’.”

Suppliers are handpicked! Olmix has been a partner of Le Golf National for several years already and Olmix Plant Care ranges have been used during the construction of the courses and are now involved in their maintenance.

  • On the starting and green areas Marathon Golf brings advanced fertilisation, by ensuring the steady release of nutrients, with respect of the life of the soil.
  • The biostimulating effect of the Melgreen range assures, with adapted formulas, a nutrition and a reinforcement of the greens against stress in winter situations (Melgreen Cu formula) and on the rest of the year (Melgreen Si formula with protective effect). Also, Melgreen Mn is used in spring to start up the season. The use of Melgreen products optimises the playing surface. This foliar contribution makes it possible to combine a good speed of roll and a homogeneity on all the greens essential to major events.
  • Finally, over the entire route, large and highly assimilable Melstar-S and Marathon soluble fertilisers provide the turf with the necessary nutrient inputs for an irreproachable result, up to the requirements of the largest courses.

The Olmix Plant Care team, represented by Georges Veber and Jos Theunissen, will be present all days at the Ryder Cup and will be sure to introduce its innovations to all the greenkeeping support team.

[1] More details about the greenkeeper and his work to build and have good maintenance of the greens.

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