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Keeping sanitary balance and good welfare conditions on the farm

By April 1, 2020January 12th, 2024Environmental Hygiene, Animal Care
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Controlling animals’ environment is a priority to ensure their health and welfare.

With evolving zootechnical performance and high-density housing, farm animals are facing ever-greater challenges, which make them sensitive to the slightest disturbance. Controlling animals’ environment is a priority to ensure their health and welfare.

Nowadays, producers are more and more concerned about this matter and it is only natural to see them applying specific strategies to keep a healthy environment to avoid any sanitary problems related to moisture, pathogens and ammonia.

Moisture is, in fact, considered to be the agent that paves the way to other key factors that may put the health and welfare of animals at risk, since it frequently leads to an increase of bacterial pressure and ammonia production, being also a source of discomfort for animals. Reducing moisture represents a major challenge for increasing environmental safety.

What should be done: clean and healthy farms

It has been scientifically proven that environmental factors directly impact the comfort, welfare, health and performance of animals. Even in the absence of manifest disease, an overly damp environment and poor hygiene carry immediate repercussions for animal productivity.

In this context, farmers are searching for tools to control humidity and thus improve the environment conditions. The use of a management tool that follows the basic rules of animal rearing and respects their physiological balance is indeed necessary.

Olmix’s solution and expertise

To tackle this issue, Olmix Group experts has come up with Mistral®, a management tool for the environmental hygiene on the farm. Leader on the market for over 20 years, Mistral® is the natural solution carefully combining micronized clays and essential oils allowing farmers to sanitize the animals’ environment by respecting their physiological balance and well-being, simply and efficiently.

What are the special features of this product? Mistral is the result of a unique manufacturing process made by Olmix, preserving the sheet structure of the clays allowing an unrivalled drying capacity based on a principle called reversible hydration. Drying tests have shown that Mistral enables a sustainable increased water evaporation by 40% compared to pure water control.

Hence, Mistral is applicable to all species and has been used in a wide range of diverse contexts. Many trials prove its efficacy and beneficial effects on the animals’ welfare, health and performance.