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The solution for optimised effluents management in livestock farming

By January 5, 2022January 5th, 2024Environmental Hygiene, Animal Care
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Frédérick Bussy, Olmix’s For Health Product Specialist, describes the advantages of Z’Fix Slurry®, Olmix’s solution to improve the biological, physical and agronomic quality of slurries.

Z’Fix Slurry®, Olmix’s solution from the Environmental Hygiene range, has proved to improve the atmosphere in the buildings, and to provide better homogenization of the slurry and enhanced agronomic valorization at spreading.

By controlling fermentations in organic matter, Z’Fix Slurry®:

  • Reduces ammonia emissions.
  • Optimizes effluents management.
  • Enhances fertilizing values at spreading for a positive impact on the soils and plants.

Z’Fix Slurry® can be used in organic farming.