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Olmix Group to take part in SPACE 2019

By September 2, 2019January 12th, 2024Olmix Group
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SPACE 2019, one of the most important and prestigious exhibitions for animal production in Europe, will take place in Rennes, France, from 10-13 September.

Olmix Group will be presenting its latest advances for Animal and Plant Care at the upcoming International Exhibition SPACE 2019 in Rennes (France) the meeting point for industry leaders, researchers and professional experts from the agricultural sector to discuss and exchange knowledges on nutrition, animal health, farming equipment, new production techniques, Sustainable agriculture and much more.

Booth C59 – Hall 9 & Outdoor Booth D57

On this occasion, the company will be running 2 different booths at the event.

  • Booth C59: our team will be presenting our full range of solutions from natural origin to reduce the use of antibiotics and pesticides in animal and plant production, Thanks to Algae.
  • At our outdoor Booth D57, we will promote the “Merci les algues” label for responsible food choices with products from sustainable agriculture by reducing the use of synthetic products in agriculture and agri-food industry. This approach will be supported by the LIGER team, which will expose their new truck in order to raise awareness among attendees about energy innovations (100% green and renewable), currently developed in the center of Britanny (France), but also by the presence of SAGA farmers who will be there to present their vision about of the future of farming (Wheat miller Program for less pesticides). To demonstrate the benefits of this approach, a virtual farm will be set up to show visitors how to apply and use our Animal Care products on different species. Moreover, our Plant Care experts will be available to explain the insights of our on-field trials on all our areas of activity: Field Crops and special crops.

Olmix Group’s stand at SPACE 2018.

Olmix Group’s stand at SPACE 2018.

SeaBiotaTM, to be launched at SPACE 2019!

SeabiotaTM, one of the latest innovations of Olmix Animal Care, will be officially launched at SPACE 2019. All information concerning the product will be at disposal upon request.


  • Protects the digestive tract.
  • Reinforces the protective intestinal mucus layer.
  • Reduces digestive troubles.
  • Decreases the need of medication.
  • Possess Olmix’s selected algae extracts (MSP®MUCIN).

SeaBiotaTM will be launched at SPACE 2019.