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Olmix Group released Algimun® at the Breizh Algae Tour 2018

By December 11, 2018January 15th, 2024Immunity, Animal Care
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After a promising presentation at SPACE 2018 last September, Olmix Group has now officially launched its new born of its Immunity range at the Breizh Algae Tour in Berlin, Germany.

Algimun®, the latest Olmix’s algae-based innovation to strengthen animals’ defenses for optimized performance, is now part of the Immunity range of the company’s portfolio. Launched at the Breizh Algae Tour 2018 (Berlin) and presented publicly at EuroTier (Hannover), Algimun® raised great expectation due to its positive results and unique properties: it is based on Olmix’s specific algae extracts, MSP®BARRIER and MSP®IMMUNITY.

“Today Olmix is launching Algimun®, based on a synergistic association of biologically active sulfated polysaccharides extracted from marine algae (Olmix’s MSP®), thanks to innovative Olmix’s technology”, Ms María García Suárez, For Feed Product Specialist of Olmix Group, said during the official presentation of the product, which was attended by more than 200 professional experts from the livestock industry.

Algimun® in a nutshell

Sustainable solution, 100% based on natural seaweeds extracts.
Synergistic combination for comprehensive solution.
Algimun® strategically associates two MSP® issued from Olmix research to fully target the main challenges of animal production systems: gut health and immunity. The objective is to make the animals resilient to better face daily stressors and fully express their genetic potential.
Algimun® associates MSP®BARRIER which enhances the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa and reduces the invasion of pathogens and MSP®IMMUNITY which modulates innate and adaptive immune responses.
For consistent results and benefits for producers.

“Algimun® provides with a long-term protection, it supports the shift between innate and adaptive immunity and its efficacy has been demonstrated in several scientific trials carried out in broilers. Algimun® aims at the boost of animal defenses during the whole cycle and especially during starting and growing phases. Algimun® is recommended to be used by Ihome-mixers, feed millers, integrators and pre-mixers”

Ms María García Suárez(Olmix Group) at the Breizh Algae Tour.

Research between Olmix Group and INRA

Olmix Group and the French National Public Institute for Agronomic Research led to the demonstration of MSP® effect on immune mediators modulation in cellular models, including the identification of the metabolic pathways involved in this activation. (Berri et al. 2016 and 2017). This specific extract, originated from green algae was then named MSP®IMMUNITY.

Research between Olmix Group and IBD

Another research study conducted at IBD (Intestinal Biotech Development, France), allowed to identify a red algae extract able to improve gut epithelium integrity by triggering the production of mucins and reinforcing the tight junctions. The extract, now named MSP®BARRIER strengthens the first line of defense of animals against pathogens. Both MSP®BARRIER and MSP®IMMUNITY are included in Algimun®.

Results speak for themselves

In an independent research trial performed in France on broilers, Algimun® significantly improved growth performance at day 35 (+68g, P<0.01; -2pts in FCR, P<0.05). Moreover, while improving immune function (+75% in serum IgA at 35d, P<0.05), Algimun® improved gut health resulting in lower pododermatitis score. In Asia (Nong Lam University, Vietnam), Algimun® has also proved its support to the development of the adaptive immune response in broilers (decreased heterophil to lymphocyte ratio compared to control at D26).

Applied on the field (large scale trial involving more than 400 000 standard broilers) through feed supplementation, Algimun® proved to improve broilers performance (+ 2% ADG, -2 FCR, +3%PEF) while reducing mortality rate (-4.5%) with an increased net benefit of 0.03€ per broiler compared to the control.

For further information on Algimun®, please contact our team.