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Olmix and crop agritech, a partnership to bring new Plant Care solutions to Thailand

By July 26, 2022January 4th, 2024Plant Care
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Both companies are set to introduce a first Plant Care program to improve fruit cultivation into the Thai market.

Since its foundation in 1995, Olmix’s conviction to reach a healthy and environmentally friendly plant production has led the Group to develop a wide and diverse network of partnerships all over the globe. Particularly in Asia, the company has always gone the extra mile to look up to business allies that share their will to reduce the use of fertilizers and chemical plant protection through sustainable strategies. That brings us to Thailand, where the Olmix Plant Care division and Crop Agritech are currently working on several projects to introduce new tools into the country.

A fruitful partnership

As part of Vet Agritech Group, Crop Agritech is renowned for its ability and know-how to enhance the quality and productivity of crops. Olmix has found in the company the perfect partner to combine efforts with to develop crop care strategies all throughout the Thai territory.

In fact, since the end of 2021 and the first half of 2022, Olmix and Crop Agritech have conducted together a large number of agronomic trials in the field on several local farms, showing the great potential of two concrete solutions, Seamel ZEN and Seamel FLOR, to improve vegetative development and flowering stages.

Olmix and Crop Agritech teams.

We are glad to count on Crop Agritech as our business partner in Thailand, where we have many projects ahead to bring our so much needed innovative solutions to the country. Since last year we are focusing on the upcoming launch of two of our products, Seamel ZEN and Seamel FLOR. Applied together, both can be used as a synergetic program to improve fruit and vegetable production, as shown in our trials. It is worth mentioning the great results we’ve obtained in durian cultivation, whose market is very strong here in Southeast Asia,” says Emmanuel Bausson, Special Crops Market Manager in Southeast Asia.

Seamel FLOR

  • R-Seanergy (Red seaweed extract) + Amino Acids + B, Mo & Mg.
  • Better results in flowering stage.
  • Increases fruit sets.
  • Decreases fruit drops rates.
  • More homogeneous fruits.

Seamel ZEN

  • R-Seanergy (Red seaweed extract) + Amino Acids + Zinc & Manganese.
  • Improves vegetative development.
  • Stimulates new and greener leaves.
  • Stronger new shoots.

We are already finalizing the registration of these two products in Thailand and we look forward to officially releasing both of them in the second semester of the year. Together with Crop Agritech we’ll continue to provide some updates on our strategies to the key players of the country.