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Biostimulants to boost grape yield and quality

By February 17, 2019January 15th, 2024Resistance to Stress, Plant Care
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In a 3-year trial carried out by Olmix Group, the Var Chamber of Agriculture (France) and the Center of Rosé Wine (France), the use of Geo2 and Agroptim Sunset foliar biostimulant yielded an impressive range of benefits.

From 2012 to 2014, a trial was conducted by Olmix Group, the Var Chamber of Agriculture and the Center for Research of Rosé Wine in order to evaluate the impact of a treatment scheme containing the Geo2 biological soil activator and the Agroptim foliar biostimulant on soil performance and vine development, in a context of production under water stress.

A very positive assessment was made of the treated object for all 3 years:

  • Improvement of the soil structure: more aerated and loose soil than in the control object after three years of biological activator applications. These soil structure conditions enabled the vine to develop its root system more efficiently in terms of density and depth. This increased volume of useful land gave the vine better access to the soil’s water and mineral resources.
  • Better resistance to water stress: vines from the treated object exhibited better tolerance to water stress and, more generally, exhibited better physiological conditions during the three vintages.
  • Clear increase in production, with higher weight per vine harvested from the treated object.
  • Wine quality improvement: the wines resulting from the treated object were preferred in 2013, both in terms of nose and palate, featuring a rather strong olfactory intensity and a much higher aromatic quality. In 2014, positive nose differences were detected for the treated object which was fruitier than the control.


Results of this trial were published on Revue des Oenologues.

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