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Olive farming: facing the main challenges

By May 8, 2019January 15th, 2024Plant Care
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Olive farming has to adapt to new circumstances in an entirely different context from years ago.

Olive sector has experienced huge changes over the last few years. Technological transformation, strong commitment to international development as well as new production circumstances have led this market to be one of the most attractive among horticulture players.

Indeed, last year’s campaign was second to none not only in terms of production numbers, but also the year where traditional cultivation techniques underwent several changes and opened the way to new superintensive olive groves. These milestones went hand in hand with some rises and falls in prices that were able to alter at times such a strong and solid industry.

Without any doubt, new technologies and investment in R&D are two of the main pillars of what is already called a revolution within olive tree farming. At this point, new forms of fertilization with new generation fertilizers and innovative biostimulants are taking over traditional production techniques and practices. Betting on these new tools is allowing us to improve both production and quality results, which is a win-win adventure in the long term.

Olive archard.

At Olmix Group we have developed a protocol for applying biostimulants and fertilisers to meet the crop’s needs and address both stress situations and key physiological processes, to be adapted to the different types of olive grove that we may find. We do go beyond mere cultivation and so we study the whole complex around the soil and the environment. Moreover, we work with natural fertilizers and biostimulants based on the following raw materials: organic matter, trace elements, clay and, of course, marine algae, which possess proven benefits for agriculture. After several years applying these strategies on field it can be said that the combination between seaweeds and trace elements is the perfect cocktail to boost olive health and nutrition.

This month Olmix Group is taking part in Expoliva 2019 in Jaen, Spain, where our team will run the booth b15 to show the benefits of using specific algae extracts in such an important crop as the olive.