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Raising broilers without antibiotics thanks to Algae!

By February 13, 2018January 15th, 2024Animal Care
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Olmix Group took part at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where Dr Pi Nyvall, Olmix Group’s R&D Manager, delivered a scientific lecture on antibiotic-free production in poultry.

More than 200 suppliers of innovations and sustainable food production gathered in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre for a new edition of GFIA, the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, where Olmix Group participated in the exhibition area and within the conference programme of the event.

Besides running the Stand E130 at Hall 8&9, the Olmix’s team was also present at the conference room to share some on-field experiences on how to raise broilers without antibiotics by using natural algae-based alternatives. On this occasion, it was Dr Pi Nyvall, Olmix Group’s R&D Manager, who brought the audience’s attention to this topic by giving first an insight into the necessity to move forward an antibiotic-free production.

Today we are all aware of the risks of overusing antibiotics and governments all around the world are taking actions. There are, indeed, many trade barriers and important restrictions on antimicrobial use in food animal production. As an example, the World Organization for Animal Health published the ‘Guidelines for the control of antimicrobial resistance’ in 2013. Also, the French Government recently launched the second Écoantibio National Plan to combat microbial resistance to antibiotics”, she explained.

Ms Pi Nyvall delivered a scientific lecture at GFIA.

It can be said that this vision is also shared by more and more consumers all over the world. In fact, there is a huge concern about the direct correlation between food and superbugs, as showed in the media in recent years.

Consumers and producers do know the risks of antibiotics in animal husbandry and nowadays people are really fearing their consequences. As a clear example, by the end of 2016 NAE (No Antibiotics Ever) programmes had grown to nearly 33% of total US broiler production”, she said.

The antibiotic-free challenge that the industry is facing comes along with sustainable production, and there is where Olmix Group steps into scene. Olmix, one of the main specialists of green tech worldwide, has been involved in the valorisation of algae in order to bring natural solutions of nutrition and health to animals, plants and humans, for a complete, consistent and healthy food chain.

“It is possible to raise broilers without antibiotics”.

From the start, Olmix Group has innovated in trace elements, transforming by-products into high-value ingredients. Its mission is to make effective use of an abundant untapped resource to promote sustainable food. This approach guides the company’s teams worldwide in their work of extracting value from green, red and brown algae”, Dr Nyvall pointed out.

That strategy has led Olmix to create a comprehensive and consistent programme that involves the whole chain of actors and affects the entire animal ecosystem. Talking about poultry, Dr Nyvall highlighted how the different Olmix’s product ranges can improve animals’ health and their well-being and, therefore, help to reduce the use of antibiotics through its ’Thanks to Algae Breeding Programme’:

The Olmix’s Thanks to Algae Programme for poultry allows to reduce the need for antibiotics in farms with high consumptions while improving zootechnical performances. The programme has proven to be successful even in farms with low consumptions”.

At this event Olmix was also awarded the GFIA innovation Awards 2018 for the Best Innovation in Animal Production.