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Olmix’s algae-based solutions for plant care show outstanding results for potato farming in Navarre, Spain

By February 26, 2018January 15th, 2024Animal Care
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Mr Paul Ollobarren, from the Agronomic Department of Congelados de Navarra was interviewed last week by the Spanish tv programme ‘Agrosfera’ on the occasion of the FIMA animal trade fair in Zaragoza, Spain, where he showed the incredible results of one of the recent trials on potato cultivation in the region of Navarre (north of Spain).

“We are carrying out several fertilization trials at the moment. In this one in particular, we used several products based on algae refined extracts. These products allowed us to complement or even replace the common fertilization practises for these potato crops in the region. The results were unbelievable: production increased to 9000 kg per hectare!”.

Watch the video (2:37-3:43)

Mr Paul Ollobarren (source: RTVE).


The objective of the trial was to study the interest of the use of SeaMel Booster and SeaMel Prevent on the yield of potato.

Detailed information:

Experimental design.
Place: Navarra, Spain.
Provider: Congelados de Navarra.
Crop: Potato.
Previous crop: Corn.
Soil working: Ploughing.
Pesticide use: Conventional.
Experimental condition: Open field.
Modalities: Untreated control vs SeaMel programme – Band trial – 3 ha per treatment.
Historical and current crop management are the same in the field except for foliar fertilization (Olmix product or control).

Seamel applications:
SeaMel Booster was applied 2 L/ha at the vegetative growth (BBCH 30). SeaMel Prevent was applied at the start of flowering (BBCH 60; (2,5 L/ha) and 15 days after start of flowering (2,5 L/ha).


The application of 2 L/ha of SeaMel Booster and 2 x 2,5 L/ha of SeaMel Prevent leads to a yield increase of 19% with 54,4 t/ha compared to 45,6 t/ha for the untreated part.