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Improving efficiency of organo-mineral fertilizers

By June 7, 2021January 5th, 2024Plant Care
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Depending on agronomic needs and on the availability of local raw materials, farmers can use mineral fertilizers, organic or organo-mineral fertilizers for providing good plant nutrition and crop productivity.

Organic matter is one of the basis of soil fertility by supporting:

  • Soil biological activity and diversity for resilience toward stress.
  • Biological fertility for ecosystemic services.
  • Long-term physical soil fertility for better rooting.
  • Chemical fertility in the rhizosphere for plant nutrition.

Using organo-mineral fertilizers enriched with biostimulant ingredients inside has proved to be a great asset in agriculture. In fact, any of the advantages listed above will lead to better productivity and better response of mineral nutrients.

On the recent issue of Fertilizer Focus magazine, Olmix Plant Care describes the use of liquid organo-mineral fertilizers additivated with algae-based biostimulant for drought stress resistance improvement. Olmix Plant Care also highlights the use of 2 technologies, MIP® and SEADRY®, contained inside solid ogano-mineral fertilizers for better rooting, higher mycorrhization and to increase fertilizer efficiency by better yield at same the nutrition input N, P and K.

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