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Olmix Plant Care launches commercial activity in Egypt

By May 25, 2021January 5th, 2024Plant Care
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Agreement between Olmix Group and MacFertilizers (Al-Sabanel Agro Egypt) to introduce the Plant Care range into the market.

Olmix Group continues to expand its Plant Care ranges internationally. Through a distribution partnership agreement with MacFertilizers (Al-Sabanel AGro Egypt), the company is making the first move to provide the Egyptian market with sustainable and innovative solutions that have proved to be a great asset for producers worldwide.

As one of the leaders in the market in terms of sustainable agriculture and innovation, Olmix’s global vision aims to implement synergistic programs to effectively develop soil fertility, strengthen plant resilience, improve the efficiency of fertilizers, reduce the use of pesticides, and to promote the yield and quality of cultivated plant, among others. On this occasion Olmix has found in MacFertilizers the perfect partner to extend its activities and consolidate its external growth in a new promising market such as the Egyptian one.

Upcoming projects

Olmix has several projects ahead in the country such as the launch of diverse programs to improve plant nutrition and to develop innovative and sustainable fertilization practices.

We are excited to announce that our Plant Care ranges are to be sold in Egypt where we have very interesting and promising projects ahead. This is just the first step for us to begin with our Plant Care commercial activity in the country since what we are seeking is to provide local farmers with the best tools and programs to face their main daily challenges and successfully move towards a healthy and environmentally friendly plant production. We do have some renowned sustainable solutions such as the Algomel one that may be available in Egypt in the near future.” Ignacio Pérez, Olmix’s Sales Manager in North Africa.

Olmix and MacFertilizers representatives.

About MacFertilizers

MacFertilizers is a subsidiary of Al-Sabanel Agro Egypt, which performs supportive policies for agricultural development in Egypt. MacFertilizers is one of the largest fertilizers provider in Egypt, whose goal is to increase efficiency, ensure user safety, and maximize food quality as well as reducing the risk for environment in the country.

Olmix Group is looking forward to continuing the fruitful professional partnership with MacFertilizers.