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Mistral® production is coming to the usa!

By February 25, 2021January 8th, 2024Environmental Hygiene, Animal Care
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The industry preferred drying agent is coming to the US to meet the needs of producers and maximize their profitability.

With increasing performance and high-density housing, farm animals are facing ever-greater challenges, which make them sensitive to the slightest disturbance. That is why controlling the animals’ environment has become one of the main priorities for producers to ensure animals’ health and welfare.

For more than 20 years, Mistral® has supported the United States producers with the ability to meet their needs and maximize their profitability through a combination of quality products and service. To continue this story, Olmix has gone the extra mile to share a significant milestone in its partnership with producers: Mistral® will be now manufactured locally in the USA!

What’s new?

Mistral® know how has been preserved even after crossing the Atlantic and arrives in a brand-new exclusive format!

Mistral® is now lighter with a 40 lb. bag, its new packaging aims at an easier handling in daily use and better comfort for producers. By being produced in the USA, the company is not only ensuring supply reliability and biosecurity but also keeping the high quality and sustainability that have made Mistral® a must-have solution by thousands of producers in the country for more than two decades

About Mistral®

The secrets of Mistral®’s unique drying properties are a fine selection of natural ingredients and essential oils combined in a specific manufacturing process.

When used at key and specific periods of the animal’s life, Mistral® revealed its magnificent potential for success. In fact, the product has become a trusted part of managing environmental hygiene to ensure the welfare and performance of animals.

This trust, built and strengthened day after day, has been rewarded by the World Pork Expo, which has qualified Mistral® as the Top Product!

Some on farm results obtained with Mistral® across the world

As an essential tool in farrowing units, Mistral® boosts the profitability of pig farming by improving performance especially through the increased survival rate of piglets (decreased mortality in farrowing-unit by 28% to -72%) and the reduction of the pathogenic pressure (bacterial count reduction).

Improving piglet’s well-being at farrowing

In a study performed on an 8,000 sow farm, the effect of Mistral® was evaluated on piglet’s performance and well-being. It was proven that using Mistral® at birth in the farrowing crates:

  • Significantly increased (P<0.05) skin body temperature after birth: piglets wasted less energy to dry out.
  • Helped umbilical cords to dry and drop faster: the door was closed to pathogens.
  • Reduced total bacterial counts in the animal’s environment: pathogenic pressure was reduced.
  • Consequently, a significant reduction of diarrhea occurrence, with no recurrence was observed.

Improving survival rates in farrowing house

In a field trial on a 500 sow unit was observed in a context of Mistral® application with the following results:

  • Mistral® helped the piglets to feel warm and comfortable more rapidly.
  • With Mistral®, mortality rates decreased sharply during the first week of lactation (-72.3%).
  • During the lactation period, the mortality rate was lower with Mistral® (1.8% vs. 8.6%).

It was only natural for Olmix to make this decision to produce one of the company’s key products here in the United States. Our commitment towards our customers, partners and producers is stronger than ever and this major step will allow us to be more proactive and provide them with better and more efficient services. Our goal is to put our products, strategies and solutions at the service of more and more producers and get to meet the current market demands. Olmix has made a lot of effort to create sustainable solutions to adapt to a whole new era of animal production and this is just another step forward.” Rodney Calhoun, Area Manager in the US & Canada.