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Olmix plant care and AL SANABEL Agro Egypt announce their partnership for the distribution of biostimulants

By August 9, 2022January 4th, 2024Plant Care
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On June 23rd, the group AL SANABEL Agro Egypt invited 300 professionals from the agricultural sector to Ismailia, 120 km north-east of Cairo, to officially present its partnership with Olmix for the distribution of biostimulants on the Egyptian market.

Farmers, distributors, agronomists, researchers and journalists responded to the invitation of AL SANABEL Agro Egypt, an import/export company whose mission is to support and develop the Egyptian agricultural sector by selecting and distributing the best technical solutions. Initiated in 2019, relationships between Olmix and AL SANABEL Agro Egypt led to a mutual discovery of the assets of both companies and resulted in a distribution partnership on the Egyptian market of Olmix biostimulants.

Stéphane Chabierski, Olmix Plant Care Sales Director for the Middle East, reminds us of the importance of the Egyptian agricultural market: “Despite a reduced cultivable area of 3.6 million hectares, the intensification of agricultural production, notably through the widespread deployment of irrigation, has contributed to a significant increase in agricultural production in recent decades. This production is intended primarily to feed the more than 100 million Egyptians, but also to develop exports.

Indeed, Egypt ships more than 2 billion dollars worth of agricultural goods each year to neighboring countries in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) and Africa (Sudan, Libya), but also to the European Union. The country exports fresh fruits (the world’s largest exporter of oranges), potatoes, beets, onions, grapes and cotton. This intensification of production is also accompanied by a strengthening of quality requirements.

It is in this context that the AL SANABEL Agro Egypt teams are particularly interested in biosolutions and especially biostimulants. “AL SANABEL Agro Egypt’s ambition is to become one of the key players in this sector,” explains Hossam Nabawy, Managing Director of the group. “Our research is primarily focused on solutions that can enhance crop resistance to environmental stresses such as water and heat stress. Improving the quality of the production is also an important criterion. That is why the solutions proposed by Olmix caught our attention.

Stéphane Chabierski, Olmix Plant Care Sales Director for the Middle East.

Hossam Nabawy, Managing Director of AL SANABEL Agro Egypt.

Thus, the Algomel PUSH, Seamel PREVENT and Seamel BLOOM solutions have been integrated for several months in the research programs of AL SANABEL Agro Egypt agronomists, supported by Olmix technical teams. The objective is to refine the positioning of biostimulants in the context of local production, with convincing initial visual effects.

The seminar organized by AL SANABEL Agro Egypt on June 23rd was an opportunity to present the Olmix company and its solutions to the many Egyptian agricultural actors who attended, a presentation that was relayed by a national television channel and by several articles that have since been published in the press.

The future looks promising for the development of the partnership between Olmix and AL SANABEL Agro Egypt!