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Mistral to reduce the risk of mortality in the farm

By August 18, 2020January 12th, 2024Environmental Hygiene, Animal Care
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Recent research by University of Novi Sad, Serbia, shows that keeping good environmental conditions in farrowing unit is the key to decrease mortality rates of piglets in the farm.

The Agriculture Department of the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, is carrying out some research within pig farm to find the best strategies for animals to face the most critical problems in farrowing unit, specially during the first days following the farrowing.

The study has shed light on the great results of using Mistral, Olmix’s animal environment conditioner, to ensure a clean and dry environment for healthy animals. In consequence…

  • Piglets dry faster at birth and can concentrate their energy on reaching the sow’s nipples to feed on colostrum and get energy and immunity.
  • Mortality by crushing and exhaustion in the first 48 hours decreases significantly.
  • By controlling humidity, Mistral also reduces the pathogens development responsible for digestive disorders.

In a nutshell, providing optimum environmental conditions and comfort for piglets will favor a better colostrum intake, lower the risk of digestive troubles and will reduce mortality risks. Indeed, ensuring a good start of piglets is essential to raise healthy pigs.