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Specific algae extracts to boost immunity in poultry farming

By April 23, 2018January 15th, 2024Immunity, Animal Care
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Dr Meissa Topete, from the Olmix’s Animal Care Technical Service discussed how specific algae extracts can help boost immunity in poultry farming at AVEM 2018 in Mexico.

After delivering a scientific a lecture at the conference session at AVEM Congress in Querétaro, Mexico, Dr Meissa Topete discussed how seaweeds can help us improve immunity in poultry birds in an interview with Engormix.

A recent study showed that Olmix’s specific algae extracts, called MSP®IMMUNITY, can help us boost the natural defences of animals and also deal with viral respiratory diseases, which are very common these days within the animal livestock industry“.

Watch the video (English subtitles):

Original source: Engormix