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Biosourced seed treatment: Olmix obtains European PFC6 validation for its biostimulant ingredient LINEW®

By February 15, 2024February 20th, 2024Press release, Plant Care
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After the acquisition of the seed treatment specialist Bois Valor in 2023, the French company Olmix is consolidating its diversification strategy in the market for functional ingredients for seeds with the obtaining of PFC6 – Plant Biostimulants – status for its biosourced ingredient LINEW®.

Marie Morard, R&D manager Seed treatment Olmix, highlights the importance of this authorization:

The validation of the European biostimulant status of the LINEW® ingredient is a great opportunity for seed companies. It gives them the possibility of deploying the same biostimulant solution with proven efficacy in several EU countries, without going through national registrations. This is a major simplification for them.”

In fact, LINEW® is one of the few biostimulant seed treatment solutions recognized at European level according to the new regulation for the marketing of fertilizing products.

LINEW® accelerates root and leaf emergence of broadacre and industrial crops

LINEW® is a lignocellulosic extract of natural origin resulting from a patented extrusion process. This technique converts the cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin molecules from untreated poplar wood collected in a short circuit, into sugar polymers of stable composition, capable of stimulating plant growth and development.

The agronomic effectiveness of LINEW® has been demonstrated by numerous studies carried out by the French public research laboratory “Functional Ecology and Environment Laboratory”, and the National Polytechnic Institute of Purpan – Toulouse, among others.

Validated by the EU-accredited certification body Eurofins, these works show for the seeds of field crops and industrial crops treated with LINEW® a very significant increase in the speed of root growth (root length: +20.6% versus control untreated, number of secondary roots: +10.2%) and the speed of appearance of the first leaf (plant height: +18.4%).

LINEW® stimulates seeds to better meet the agricultural challenges

Thanks to its recognized biostimulant properties, the LINEW® ingredient offers valuable functionalities to seed companies. The germination and emergence phases are sensitive periods for plants, during which they are particularly exposed to water stress and parasitic pressure, especially with the gradual disappearance of conventional protection solutions.

Ensuring faster root and leaf development enables young seedlings to exit this risk zone as quickly as possible. In this way, LINEW® helps varieties to express their genetic potential to the full.

For Alexandre-Paul Civard, Head of sales & development, ingredients & seed treatments, this is another step in the rise of the group’s activity towards the supply of biosourced ingredients for players in the agro-industry “With the biostimulant ingredient LINEW®, Olmix demonstrates that nature is a formidable reservoir of innovations for agriculture and agro-industry. It is a source of practical, efficient, profitable solutions with a low environmental
footprint, in order to help farmers adapt their production methods to the many challenges they face, including climate change.”

About Olmix

Olmix is a global company specialized in developing, producing and distributing high-value biosourced solutions for livestock and crop farming. Thanks to its ranges of finished products and ingredients, Olmix is a privileged partner of farmers, distributors and agri-supply manufacturers on an international scale to enable smart, sustainable agriculture.
Its Animal care division develops innovative technologies to improve animal welfare and hygiene, reduce mycotoxin risks, improve digestive efficiency and boost animals’ natural defenses while combining economic and environmental performance.
Its Plant care division develops innovative technologies to improve soil fertility, increase fertilization efficiency and reduce the impact of stresses on plants, thereby reconciling economic and environmental performance.
Founded in France in the Brittany region, Olmix employees more than 900 people and operates 10 industrial sites, including a biorefinery specialized in algae processing and 6 R&D centers worldwide.


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