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Olmix receives european PFC6 accreditation for its foliar biostimulant : Agroptim lagoon

By August 3, 2023January 15th, 2024Resistance to Stress, Press release, Plant Care
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Agroptim LAGOON, the foliar solution developed and marketed by Olmix Plant Care has been validated as a non-microbial biostimulant under the new European regulation 2019/1009 on fertilising materials and growing media. Thus, Agroptim LAGOON joins an exclusive club as one of the first biostimulants to benefit from this new European status.

This is a great source of satisfaction for us and a sign of confidence for our distribution partners and for farmers,” says Catherine Lamboley, Director of Olmix’s Plant Care business unit. “This accreditation underlines Olmix’s know-how and expertise in the field of biostimulants and our ability to develop solutions in line with European standards, which today cover the world’s largest market for biostimulants.”

The notified body CerTrust has validated the elements of Agroptim LAGOON’s technical file demonstrating its ability to improve the quality characteristics of field crops and in particular to improve biomass and stimulate photosynthetic activity.

Based on patented Mineral Inducer Process (MIP® PLANT) technology, Agroptim LAGOON biostimulant is mainly intended for oilseed crops (rapeseed, sunflower, soya, etc.), as Claire Gravans, Foliar Biostimulants Product Manager at Olmix points out. “Trials carried out on oilseed rape show an average yield increase of between 5 and 7%. On sunflowers, the average gain is 13%. The net benefit to the farmer depends of course on price trends, but to date it stands at between €60 and €80/ha for these two crops.

The other benefit is an improvement in the carbon footprint. “Foliar biostimulants are an asset for reducing the carbon footprint of plant production,” explains Clément Le Verge, Head of Innovation and Development at Olmix Plant Care. “We analysed the life cycle of Agroptim LAGOON. Thanks to its very low carbon footprint and the yield increase it generates, it can reduce the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted per tonne of seed produced by 5 to 10%.”

Olmix will now market its Agroptim LAGOON foliar solution under the PFC6 “Non-Microbial Biostimulant” status in European Union countries.


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