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A new milestone in Olmix group’s commercial activity in Serbia

By December 13, 2019January 12th, 2024Animal Care
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The company launches several products for Immunity, Mycotoxin Risk Management and Digestive Welfare.

Olmix Group continues to expand its Animal Care range all across Europe. Now in Serbia, the company has gone the extra mile to provide its customers and partners with the best solutions to tackle the greatest challenges within the livestock industry concerning animals’ immunity, digestive welfare, and mycotoxin risk management.

Along with Nidalav, Olmix’s distributor in the country, both companies hosted an official launch event in the city of Novi Sad to share with more than 30 representatives from the main Serbian animal feed companies and farmers the latest updates on the new products to be introduced into the market.

Attendees of the event.

Olmix Animal Care launch event.


Algimun®, strengthened animal defenses for improved performance.

Algimun® boosts gut integrity and the immune function of animals to make them stronger and capable of facing daily challenges.

Key points

  • Synergistic association of two biologically active marine algal extracts.
  • Strengthening gut integrity and supporting immune function.
  • 100% proven mode of action.
  • Optimized animal’s performance, high ROI.

Mycotoxin Risk Management

MT.X+ and MMi.S, the natural origin solutions for mycotoxin risk management.

Olmix’s mycotoxin solutions associate specific clay, algae and complementary selected materials to efficiently reduce the impact of mycotoxins, including the most difficult ones. The MT.X+ solution is incorporated directly into the feed or premix. MMi.S is a solution in microgranulated form, specially designed for easy use on the farm.

Key points

  • Wide-spectrum adsorption.
  • No side effects on nutrient adsorption.
  • Integrated into feed (MT.X+).
  • From natural origin.
  • For easy use on farm & better homogeneity in feeds (MMi.S).

Digestive Welfare

SeaGut Paste, the natural solution to ensure digestive welfare of newborn piglets.

Digestive disorders undermine the performance of young animals, damaging their digestive system and delaying their growth throughout the entire lifecycle. Olmix offers solutions to help young animals prepare their digestive system for different circumstances.

Key points

  • Reduces digestive problems.
  • Decreased need for medication.

We are glad to introduce more innovative technology and to provide with more solutions to face the main challenges of the Serbian market. It is the right time to do it as our activities keeps expanding in the country. We are looking forward to a fruitful and productive professional business with these Animal Care product ranges.” Ignacio Arredondo, Olmix Group’s Area Manager South West Europe, and Dragos Nistorica, Olmix Group’s Territory Manager South West Europe.