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A complete range of biosolutions for the Plant Care Industry

By February 25, 2022January 5th, 2024Plant Care Turf, Plant Care
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Olmix Plant Care has officially become content partner of NWST, the prestigious Dutch Media Group where the company will be releasing a series of articles to highlight its expertise and proven tools to cope with some of the main difficulties affecting Plant Care professionals from a global perspective.

These articles will be published through renowned journals such as Greenkeeper or Field Manager. “We want to inform the market about our technology to improve the soil,” says Olmix’s Sales Manager Geert Bakker as an important reason to become content partner of NWST.

It is a fact that Olmix is well known within the ‘Turf world’ particularly for its Marathon Sport fertilizer granules for golf courses and sports fields. However, it is less recognized that Olmix has also developed the technology to improve soil life by providing the right food for fungi and bacteria. Bakker: “The market doesn’t know that Olmix is doing this, but it is becoming increasingly important to communicate with our customers about the huge relevance of the soil. After all, a healthy soil is the basis for a good turf.”

Everyone knows us from the Marathon range. That’s great, but we are much more than that and we want to make this more widely known"

Geert Bakker

With this content partnership Olmix will be shedding light on the company’s successful relationships to make its production facilities available for third parties. Bakker: “Especially abroad, we already do a lot for private labels. We help them with our technologies. We would like to expand this service.”

Xser Technology

“One of the secrets of Olmix’s success lies in the patented Xser Technology, which ensures the long-term release of the active ingredients to the plant; each time in small amounts that will work for 2 to 3 months. Another unique feature of the granules is their ability to break down the thatch layer in the turf,” says Bakker.

Despite these unique properties, the product is in continuous development. Bakker says that “Olmix will always continue to innovate and develop its products. A recent example of this is the product Marathon Algae Sport & Golf, where we have added a specific seaweed extract which has proved to be beneficial for the satisfactory functioning of the soil microflora.”

Source: NWST