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Reducing the use of pesticides Thanks to Algae!

By October 19, 2018January 15th, 2024Plant Care
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Olmix Plant Care solutions were presented at the Agbio Innovate LATAM conference in São Paulo, Brazil.

The high demand of biopesticides and biostimulants that is currently growing not only in Latin America but all around the world, was one of the main topics to be discussed at the Agbio Innovate LATAM conference in São Paulo, Brazil, held last September at Pullman Sao Paulo Ibirapuera Hotel.

Attended by hundreds of participants from South America, the event was the perfect platform to get up-to-date with many other issues concerning plant growth and a real must for all professional experts from the sector that gathered on that occasion:

  • Biopesticide Regulation: the show provided an update on how biopesticides are regulated in Brazil and the different security protocols.
  • Regulation and commercialization practices.
  • Integrated Pest Management: the event shone a spotlight on biological products and their importance for integrated pest management and the benefits of combining biopesticides, biostimulants and agrochemicals effectively.

In this context, Olmix Group stepped up on stage to contribute to the conference programme through a lecture on Combining Foliar Micronutrients with Biostimulants.

The combination of micronutrients and seaweed extracts of Olmix Plant Care acts as biostimulant. This combination helps to improve plant nutrition and plant development and also to reduce pests and diseases pressure. As consequence this allows to reduce the use of pesticides. We have to take into account that pesticides cause dramatic changes in plants: they alter their biochemistry, interfere with their physiology, etc”, Mr Wilson Boardman, from Olmix Plant Care, said.

Mr Wilson Boardman.

According to him, it was necessary to develop new modern processes in order to find alternative strategies to adapt to the era of sustainable production and cope with the main health agricultural challenges:

When it comes to transformation processes, Olmix makes it possible to obtain algae extracts with highly soluble molecules for enhanced absorption efficiency, small molecules to enable good plant penetration, and a specific content of active ingredients and nutrients to elicit specific physiological responses from the plant”.

Last, but not least, Mr Boardman shone a spotlight on the Olmix’s specific algae extracts, called MSP®, which are the key to develop new innovative products and new formulation to be used to improve plant’s health:

The combination of red and green seaweed extracts delivers active substances that enhance each other’s role in the stimulation of plant health. Special sugars such as carrageenans, ulvans, active sulphate groups, proteins or organics acids, they all play an important role in nutrient, energy and signal exchange”.

Attendees of the conference.