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Developing the algae industry in Saudi Arabia

Olmix Group took part in a scientific workshop in Riyadh to discuss the potential of seaweed in animals, plants and humans.

Hosted by the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the Saudi Aquaculture Society and the French Embassy in Riyadh, the scientific workshop on how to develop the industry of algae in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was successfully held on Monday, 16th July, in participation of several academic and research institutions as well as many representatives from private international companies.

In this context, Olmix Group, specialist in marine biotechnology, was invited to share its knowledge and expertise on stage through a presentation on algae-based and natural-sourced solutions for Plant, Animal and Human Care by Mr Bruno Daridon, Olmix Group’s Plant Care R&D Manager.

“Marine sulphated polysaccharides and other secondary metabolites possess powerful biological properties to be used to boost and improve health and welfare of plants, animals and humans. Thanks to a huge investment in research and development Olmix Group is able to make the most of these beneficial properties of algae through the extraction of specific bio-compounds. These Olmix’s specific extracts are called MSP® and their infinite possibilities are yet to be discovered”, Mr Daridon said.

Talking about plant growth, he highlighted the diverse strategies that the company has come up with thanks to the use of algae in order to reduce the use of pesticides and chemical additives in agriculture, among others:

“Recent on-field studies and experiences clearly show that algae-based strategies allow to reduce production costs and take the best possible care of the environment. Seaweed extracts have proven to be the best organic mineral source to develop new fertiliser strategies that will help us meet the crop’s needs and cope with plant diseases in the most respectful and sustainable way”.

As a final contribution to the conference programme, Mr Daridon described how algae can help develop the animal industry in Saudi Arabia by reducing the use of antibiotics as well as giving an insight on their potential use in human health:

“Nowadays antibiotic-free production is a must and most of countries in the world are moving towards this necessary new way of production. Olmix Group’s MSP® have many positive effects in terms of immunity, digestive efficiency, digestive welfare and zootechnical performances as well as an antidepressant. On the other hand, recent research shows the benefits of algae in humans: they have some effects on virus infection and immune-modulation action, and even anti-cancer properties have been reported”.