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Algae for food safety

Olmix organizes the Conference “The Marine Biomass, a Source of Nutrients and Active Molecules for Human and Animal Nutrition and Health”


Olmix promotes Breton algae in Asia.

The conference, that was held on the 18th June 2013 at Sofitel Hotel in Ho chi Minh (Vietnam), brought together 100 participants from Vietnam and Cambodia including farmers, feedmillers, integrators, processing companies and distributors.

Accompanied by Breton politicians, from Zoopôle and several Breton SMEs, Olmix highlighted the quality and the wealth of the seaweeds of Britain and especially from Parc d'Iroise.

Asian feed and food chain stakeholders actors were very attentive to the arguments of experts in nutrition and animal health, Frédéric Bernard of the Zoopôle Ploufragan and Henry Salmón of the INRA. After a presentation by Bernard in the need of de-medicalization of global livestock sector, Mr. Salmon presented the immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory seaweed properties.

The public was even more impressed when Parc d'Iroise representatives explained that very high-quality marine fields of Molène algae are a resource in active ingredients for the renowned actors of the pharmaceutical. Food security is a major concern in the area of South Asia, where livestock production is expanding. Freeing the use of antibiotics to the sector nutraceutical or nutrition-health sector through the use of algae is a natural process in these countries where the algae are on the daily menu.

Hervé Demais, consultant veterinarian for Olmix extended the speech explaining that while livestock production is growing rapidly, aquaculture production is also to other issues, especially the growing need for fish meal that begins to be a problem. Again, algae can provide part of the answer, because some of them are very rich in protein, component searched the fishmeal.

The algae from Brittany in Breton waters of incomparable quality represent an ocean of opportunities for sustainable agriculture and food of 9 billion humans in 2050.

In the picture from left to right: Mr.Corlou, Chef of La vertical Restaurant; Mr.Reocreux, Olmix International Development Manager; Mr.Salmon, INRA Director of Research; Mr.Gautier, Asvelis Manager; Ms. et Mr. Balusson, Olmix CEO; Mr.Guillaume, Vitalac Chief Representative; Mr.Bernard, Zoopôle General Delegate; Mr.Demais, Consultant Veterinarian for Olmix; Mr.Pincemin, Benefiq Chief Representative; Mr.Trinh, Olmix Asia Manager.