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Olmix production site in Romania GMP+ FSA certified!

The Olmix plant in Romania has been certified by GMP+ under the Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) label.

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Mr Jean-Christophe Juilliard, new CEO of Olmix

Mr Jean-Christophe Juilliard joins Olmix Group as CEO.

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The Blue Valley Project

An insight into one of the ‘blue’ projects where Olmix is involved.

Plant Care


A recent study validates the effectiveness of the soil activator Neosol


The Agricultural Research Institute ZVT in Troubsko (Czech Republic) has conducted extensive scientific experiments for 3 years within the framework of the research project «Technologies for erosion control and soil protection» financed by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. The work revealed significant changes in soil quality induced by the Neosol activator from Olmix Group.

Animal Care


Managing thermal stress in poultry through algae complex

The evolution on poultry production resulted in a faster growing broiler and higher feed efficacy onto animal protein. Despite these, a series of metabolic problems have arisen, with heat stress being one of the main ones.

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Olmix celebrated the 25th anniversary of Mistral technology at the World Pork Expo

Thank you for joining us at our Booth!

Animal Care


Managing the weaning period in piglets

How to cope with this critical step for young piglets?