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Breizh Algae Tour 2016: afternoon workshops


The Breizh Algae Tour offered a wide range of workshops on the second day of the event, each of them focused on the Olmix Group's main strategic field of activities: Animal Care, Plant Care and Human Care.

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Breizh Algae Tour 2016: One Health Thanks to Algae!


The Breizh Algae Tour 2016 took place in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) from 13-17 November, 2016. This year's Olmix Group's annual meeting shed light on the more and more important topic of the healthy food chain and the Olmix Group's current programmes to grow plants, raise animals and process food without pesticides, antibiotics and chemical additives.

Olmix Group

Promising EFSA opinion on OLMIX Algae Interspaced Bentonite-Montmorillonite feed additive, opening the way for European registration


This opinion opens the path to get the authorization of European Commission as Substance to reduce the mycotoxin contamination in feed, and also opens the door to have more than one registered option when fighting against mycotoxins with an approved additive. 

Olmix Group

New strategy and management for Olmix Russia


Olmix's offices in Russia will be moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Mr Nicolas Pasanau has been appointed General Manager of the new entity, which will be renamed as 'Olmix Russia'.

Plant Care

Melspring takes over Farmers House factory


Melspring International B.V. announces the acquisition of Farmers House production facility in Rogat, The Netherlands. This take-over has taken place on October 28th, 2016. With the acquisition of the factory Melspring is able to further develop innovative fertiliser solutions and to increase its production output to serve the growing demand Melspring’s customers worldwide.


Animal Care

MFeed+ launch in North of Vietnam



Olmix Group, supplier of natural solutions for animal production from France, has made an official launch of a new product designed to enhance feed digestibility in Vietnam.

Olmix Group

Green seaweed contains immunomodulatory agents; validated patent for Olmix Group


The patent issued to Olmix Group thus confirms that green seaweed can help strengthen the immune defences of animals and human beings and are a focus of development to prevent many diseases.

Animal Care

Olmix Group delivered a speech at the Poznań University of Life Sciences in Poland


María García Suárez, Olmix’s Technical Regional Manager, gave a conference entitled ‘Algae Innovative Solutions in Poultry Production’.