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Olmix Group – PRP Group: a natural consolidation

A major announcement for the sustainable agriculture and biotechnology industry: Olmix Group, the global leader in natural algae-sourced solutions, strengthened by the acquisition of PRP Technologies, a European specialist in biostimulants for agroecology. Both French groups formally announced this consolidation on June the 30th.


Olmix Group is known worldwide for its solutions based on algae, clays and trace elements to improve performance, welfare and health in animals (environmental hygiene, mycotoxin risk, digestive efficiency, immunity, digestive welfare), plants (environment, nutrition and plant strengthening) and humans (15 patents).

PRP Technologies has also conquered the European continent thanks to stimulator products for animals and plants. These products improve plant growth and soil fertility and are the Group’s core business (2 MA and 7 patents).

The emergence of new natural technologies is bringing a revolution to the farming model and the dream is finally becoming true: traditional chemical products are no longer required to meet the needs of global farming and the increasingly pressing demands of consumers for food quality and safety.

The partnership between Olmix Group and PRP Technologies offers major benefits: in nutrition and animal health, the ranges are very complementary and merge under the entity Olmix Animal Care. Z’fix (farm effluent enhancer) and Z’dry (litter conditioner) products will enrich the range Environmental hygiene range of Olmix: Mistral (litter conditioner) and Mistral layer.

The ranges of digestive stimulators for ruminants (stimul’Z minerals, blocks and mineral lick blocks Z’lick) will perfectly complete the Olmix’s Digestive efficiency range along with MFeed+ (enzyme booster) and DigestSea (regulation of hepatic and renal functions). Following this merger, the Group will enrich the new Z’lick with marine algae and trace elements!

In nutrition and plant health, the ranges will be marketed under the name of Olmix Plant Care; these are also very complementary. The trace elements-based microbial soil biomass activators (geO2, neOsol and humeO) will reinforce the actions of Stor-it and Matrix, soil improvers based on algae and clays. On the other hand, the explOrer (patented), primeO and akeO ranges, which are biostimulant fertilisers based also on trace elements will join Marathon, the patented, long-lasting organic mineral fertiliser from Olmix Plant Care.

Finally, agrOptim foliar biostimulant from PRP will join the innovative algae-based range of Olmix, which includes Melgreen, SeaMel and AlgoMel.

Synergies in terms of market hedges are significant due to the great presence of Olmix in the turf and horticulture fields whereas the PRP Group has historically focused its activitiy on field crops and viticulture sectors

Above all, the quality and know-how of this new entity will lead to a further business development in France, Europe and the rest of the world. Indeed, synergies are still evident because of the complementary of the networks in terms of geographical development. Finally, this union will strengthen the production capacity of the Group and give a boost to its ambitious Research and Development programmes on the combined actions of algae, clays and trace elements against the massive use of fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics.

The consolidated group represents 800 employees, 27 locations, 11 industrial sites and a turnover of nearly €150 million. This unification offers a unique opportunity for the two companies to take a step forward in matter of developing major innovative solutions for sustainable farming and meeting the global challenge of feeding a population of 9 billion by 2050 while respecting the environment and future generations.

From the 10th to 13th of September, PRP Technologies and Olmix Group teams will organize a major technical seminar (Breizh Algae Tour 2017) at the Breizh Algae School in Saint-Etienne-du- Gué de-l’Isle in Brittany, France. This will be the perfect opportunity to present the new ranges from the two product portfolios as well as the new developments that have already emerged from this union. The teams are also getting prepared for the forthcoming joint events such as INNOVAGRI Sud-Ouest (6-7 September in Ondes, France) and of course, the SPACE 2017 (12-15 September in Rennes, France), where they will be promoting the natural solutions to allow the rational use of fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics, Thanks to Algae!



- Ms Danièle Marzin

- Mr Didier Blin