Olmix Group presented its scientific article at Adebiotech-antibio 2016 | Olmix


Olmix Group presented its scientific article at Adebiotech-antibio 2016

The company showed the results of its technical document co-signed with Inra (National Institute of Agricultural Research) that was published on the magazine Journal Applied Phycology last week.

Following the recent release of its scientific article Marine algae to reduce the use of antibiotics in farming, Olmix Group has moved another step forward and presented the results of the publication at the Adebiotech-antibio 2016 Congress this week.

The event, held from the 16th to the 17th of March, attracted a large number of participants from different sectors and organizations, who gathered together in the emblematic city of Romainville in France. In total, 160 attendees (specialists in antibiotic resistance, professionals of the animal, human and agricultural sectors and the concerned ministers representatives, among others) with the same purpose: to discuss and share their thoughts on topics such us public health or market economy.

In this context, Olmix took the opportunity and went on stage represented by Mr. Olivier Biannic, Olmix Group’s Marketing Executive, to explain in detail the results of the mentioned article co-signed by Olmix and Inra and published last Tuesday, 8th March, on the magazine Journal of Applied Phycology. As stated in the document, Mr. Biannic delivered a speech on the antimicrobial activity of marine-sulfated polysaccharides extracts of Ulva armoricana and their capacity to stimulate cytokine expression by intestinal epithelial cells.

In a situation where the prevalence of E.coli (EBSL) is constantly growing, the pressure to reduce the use of antibiotics is likely to increase. The research of alternative solutions, including those related to moludation of immunity, are to be highly necessary. Olmix Group and its partner Philéo were on the first line to show the latest advanced in that field.