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MelgreenMn has a new, enhanced formula

Our Plant Care product MelgreenMn has a new, enhanced formula. Due to a renewed composition of seaweed extracts the results of this manganese product, part of the Melgreen Liquid Range, have greatly improved.

MelgreenMn is a manganese-based fertiliser solution in which the manganese is complexed with sugars of a unique algae extract. This algae extract has properties that with seaweeds have not been demonstrated before. Trials of research institute Lumbricus show that the extract of MelgreenMn stimulates growth and that the production of dry matter and the uptake of nutrients is greatly enhanced. MelgreenMn ,with this algae extract, is specially made for the early spring and ensures a significant boost to the plant and a quick start of growth.

MelgreenMn should only be used in case of manganese deficiencies. This situation very often occurs in the top layer of a green. Since the manganese is captured in the soil, fertilisation through the leaf is the best method. Manganese deficiencies often occurs:

  • In soils with pH>7.
  • In soils with lots of organic matter.
  • In soils with lots of iron.
  • After strong magnesium fertilisation.


Proven results

In the Autumn of 2015 an initial trial was carried out by Lumbricus with the algae extracts used by Olmix Plant Care, some competitive products and control. Which kind of algae has the best effects? In terms of general turf grass development the use of the algae extract used in MelgreenMn resulted the fastest in a high density and a higher biomass production than the control or other products.


Trial Lumbricus Production of biomass (C = MelgreenMn algae extract)


Next to the boost in growth the new algae extract ensures a larger production of dry matter compared to the old algae extract that was used for the former Olmix Plant Care manganese product. Also, the new algae extract used in MelgreenMn ensures a better uptake of nutrients in the leaf compared to control.   


Uptake of nutrients (Extract C = MelgreenMn algae extract)


MelgreenMn: part of Melgreen Liquid prevention programme

MelgreenMn is one of three products in the Melgreen Liquid Range, together with MelgreenSi and MelgreenCu. It focuses on prevention by optimal nutrition through the leaf, with healthy turf as the main target. The programme allows the plant to better resist to stressful events of whatever kind. The complete programme consists of carefully selected products geared to each physiological phase in turf development. MelgreenMn for a quick start of growth in spring, MelgreenSi for a high stress tolerance and MelgreenCu for hardening in periods after summer and in the late winter, when a higher resistance to fungal diseases is needed.