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Breizh Algae School: “Discovering Algae”

The school received 80 locals from Saint-Étienne-du-Gué-de-l'Isle (France) for an enjoyable and productive workshop.

Another big day for the Breizh Algae School: last Tuesday the center opened its doors to 80 locals from Saint-Étienne-du-Gué-de-l'Isle (France) that had the opportunity to learn about algae through a dynamic workshop entitled "Discovering Algae".

Besides getting to know the school better, the participants attended some presentations delivered by Olmix Group professionals: Nathalie Morice, Training Manager at the Breizh Algae School, showed the company’s projects, research and activities worldwide, while Pi Nyvall, Olmix’s R&D Responsible, got into algae properties and advantages through a conference entitled "Why Algae"?

Not only did the seminar give the chance to learn more about algae, but also to taste the flavour of real seaweed. Régine Quéva, prestigious cook and authoress of various cookbooks about algae, prepared some specials seaweed meals based on green, brown and red algae for the participants.

After that, lunch was held at the Breizh Algae School’s cantine and, of course, house specialty included algae-based pâté and chicken raised without antibiotics thanks to algae. Later on, the attendees could also buy some souvenirs –algae-based food suplements and rilletes were the most interesting ones for the guests - to conclude a wonderful day.