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Asia Sales Meeting ASM 2014

Share information is proven to be the most efficient way to communication, that’s why Olmix accentuated his annual Asia Sales Meeting to let the Asian team to communicate and share productively their market information.

Nearly 30 people from Olmix Vietnam, Olmix China, Olmix Indonesia, Olmix Cambodia and Olmix India participated the meeting from 5th July – 9th July in Beijing, China. The President of Olmix group Mr Hervé Balusson gave the opening speech.

Sharing information

Olmix Technical Supervisor, Marie Gallissot,  presented the newest technical knowledge of different mycotoxins (especially Trichothecenes family A group and B group) and its effects on animals like DON effects on inflammation and growth hormone axis. Then she presented the latest MT.X+ trial results in Mexico and in Ghana. Jean Peignon of Aquaculture Department presented basic information on aquaculture and the potential aquaculture market for Olmix in Asia. All the territorial managers showed their 2014 half year results. Then the team discussed the strategy of different market and sharing some experiences of their own market.

Better serving the clients

Some new marketing and technical tools have been presented on this meeting by Olivier Biannic of marketing department and Marie Gallisot, including the entire Neogen Test Kits. As a consequence, Olmix China and Olmix Vietnam are able from now to test in local the level of mycotoxins in feed; a great advantage for clients that will obtain much faster and easier results to have a basic knowledge of their current feed situation.

Team building and company appreciation

At the end of meeting, the president of Olmix group, Mr Hervé Balusson, and Mrs Isabelle Balusson, gave a reward for all the 4 year, 8 year and 12 year employees, Olmix appreciate all the contribution they have done for the group.

To promote deeper communication, the 2014 Asia sales meeting ended with a team building visit. The team went to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China, the wonderful view from the great wall made everybody forgot the sweat from the hot temperature.

“Through a remarkable effort from all the Olmix Asia team, we developed an incredible network of information, experience and friendship in Asia” said Hervé Balusson “Our ultimate goal is to contribute a natural efficient solution for food safety problems in the world, we will continue to inspire a stronger cooperation and give our clients the best services and products.”