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Aroma Celte® pursues its development with Olmix Group

Olmix Group promotes a comprehensive, healthy food chain by improving plant, animal and human nutrition thanks to algae, through its specialist divisions.

The acquisition of Aroma Celte®, a company specializing in dietary supplements combining essential oils and seaweed, will boost the development of Olmix Group’s Human Care business and in particular the “FOR HEALTH” division, which already offers three dietary supplements based on green, red and brown algae. This division meets consumer demand for natural products to reduce the use of antibiotics and chemical additives or molecules.

AROMACELTE® is based on an innovative two-in-one concept: offering a safe way to take essential oils while regulating the body’s acid-base balance:

Powdered essential oils, for targeted action on comfort and well-being, in the perfect dose for 100% safety.

An active substrate with a fundamental effect, since the essential oils are placed on Lithothamnium calcareum, a red seaweed that is rich in calcium carbonate, providing a buffer against acidity in the body and facilitating the absorption of the essential oils.

In terms of development, there are strong synergies between the two companies. Olmix and Aroma Celtev will benefit from shared expertise, especially in terms of sales development in France and internationally through the Olmix Group network (more than 10 countries), as well as the launch of new products to diversify and expand the existing ranges.


History: AROMACELTE was created in 2010 by Bruno Obriot after 15 years as a homeopathy and naturopathy practitioner.

Being passionately interested in powerful plant-based active ingredients, especially essential oils, but aware of their potential ineffectiveness or harmfulness when taken incorrectly, he aimed to develop a concept to make them accessible in safe, easy-to-take doses. The result was a range of dietary supplements based on powered essential oils in capsule form.

Later, he also developed spray products and a range of cosmetics based on marine active ingredients. Based in Guingamp, central Brittany (France), the company has 11 employees and distributes its producst mainly in France through a network of pharmacies.

Product ranges:


A comprehensive range of dietary supplements in capsule form to face all your daily challenges!


Massage oils and sprays for relaxation!


A range of gentle daily moisturisers combining optimal hydration and comfort


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