Algae for better food nutrition at JAS La Rochelle, France | Olmix


Algae for better food nutrition at JAS La Rochelle, France

Olmix Group highlighted how algae-based solutions can help develop natural solutions for human health and nutrition.

JAS La Rochelle, the international exhibition on food and innovation, brought together more than 1,000 professional experts and 600 enterprises in La Rochelle, France, for a two-day programme full of business meetings and scientific conferences the 20-21 June.

Actually, thanks to algae, Olmix Group has been able to develop and put into practice its own antibiotic-free program, SAGA (Sans Antibiotique Grâce aux Algues, in French) with outstanding results in turkey production:

“The SAGA project started in 2017 by testing antibiotic free production on 4 Turkey flocks. It ended up by the first positive result of antibiotic free production thanks to Algae. Then, the Olmix Animal Care team worked with ‘La Trinitaise’ -a French high-quality meat processor- to develop a protocol to raise turkey without antibiotics and commercialize them as so called “raised without the use of antibiotic since hatching”.

Lastly, talking about antibiotic-free production, Mrs Nyvall shared several scientific studies that showed algae to be a real alternative to antibiotics for animal farming as well as getting into the two recent research studies of Olmix Group and INRA.