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Addressing opportunities and challenges of algae for animals, plants and humans

Olmix Group highlighted the potential of algae to be used throughout the production cycle at the 9th European Algae Industry Summit.

Held in Lisbon, Portugal, the 9th European Algae Industry Summit brought together experts from industry and academia to discuss the latest commercial and technical developments, challenges and research breakthroughs throughout the entire algae value chain. Besides looking into how the industry can move towards regulation for products, and specifically food products, the two-day event was a very good opportunity to attract investments and create beneficial partnerships.

In this context, Olmix Group, specialist in natural algae-based solution for nutrition, hygiene and health for plants, animals and humans, was invited to be part of the conference programme through a lecture on the benefits of using macroalgae products in animal feed to improve health and nutrition.

Research and Development have enabled Olmix Group to discover the great potential of specific extracts of macroalgae and use these properties to make the production cycle healthier and to improve health and integrity of animals, plants and humans. Indeed, our algae-clay and bioactive algal extracts technologies have allowed us to develop effective final products that, placed in comprehensive programs, allow to reduce the consumption of antibiotics in animal husbandry while conserving or even improving performance and animal wellfare”, Ms Pi Nyvall, Olmix Group’s Scientific Director, said.

Ms Pi Nyvall (Olmix Group).

This whole process of product development takes on several stages, including collecting algae from the coast, carrying out a biorefinery process for valorizing their extraordinary properties and optimisation of their potential via the stabilisation and formulation intoefficient natural algae-based products for plants and animals. Novel products are developped to reinforce the proposed programmes and strategies. Algae, always at the center.

“Marine algae are the perfect resource for us to develop our natural and sustainable strategies. First of all, because they do not require any arable land or fresh water to grow. Secondly, because the biorefinery process allow us to use the entitre algal biomass. And finally, their biological activities can be used to reinforce plants and animals and reduce the use of chemical intrants in agriculture”.

“Marine algae are the perfect resource for us to develop our natural and sustainable strategies”

Thanks to the developpment of the SAGA programs and Olmix is nowadays able to offer a concrete, comprehensive and consistent programme that involves the whole chain of actors to offer natural algae-based products. Organized through programmes for an agriculture with less chemical intrants and antibiotics, the company aims to propose healty food products to the final consumer. These programs are already in place for animal production and similar programs are under developpment for plants, starting with wheat and barley.

“Olmix has applied science to discover the specific properties of marine algae and how these can be used to advantage in farm animals, crops and humans to help reduce the use of fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics and food additives. If we want to sustainably feed the planet, we need to produce more and do so more efficiently, using less resources. Utilising marine algae as the essential element in a wholesome and healthy food chain is one of the ways to meet this challenge and via the SAGA programs this message can be communicated to the final consumer via the thanks to algae logo”, Ms Nyvall explained.