MATRIX Complete sand soil improver

Matrix enhances the buffering of moisture in the soil and keeps nutrients efficiently available for grass growth. Matrix promotes bacterial activity and the fast breakdown of stable organic matter in the soil, resulting in sustainable, healthy turf.

The situation

Sandy soils

Sand-based greens and sandy gardens have an extremely low buffer capacity for nutrients and moisture. Furthermore, sandy turfs lack soil life, which prevents dead roots and clippings from being digested. This results in disease pressure and stunted turf growth.

The challenge

Thatch elimination while buffering moisture and nutrients

The challenge is to turn stable organic matter from grass clippings and grass roots (thatch) into digestible organic matter as a food source for a diverse and nutrient/moisture buffering soil life.

The solution

Bacterially dominated soil life

Matrix is a complex of green algae and sugars that stimulate bacterial activity to break down thatch. Matrix also contains carefully selected zeolites and diatomaceous earth, which together promote the buffering of moisture in the soil and keep nutrients such as ammonium, potassium and magnesium efficiently available for sustainable grass growth.


MATRIX, granular clinoptilolite seaweed formulation

  • 1

    Thatch breakdown

  • 2

    Stimulates soil life

  • 3

    Buffering of moisture and nutrients

Result of a treatment

DOC field trials done at GC Zwolle demonstrate the difference between a treated and an untreated green. The inclusion of 10% Matrix in the dressing sand applications results in a considerable increase in moisture availability over the years.

Directions for use

Application for vitalization of soil life and stimulation of thatch degradation:

20-30 g/m2 every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.

Application for construction of greens and tees:

Mix 10% through sand instead of organic matter such as peat or composts.



Plant Care

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