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News: Olmix Group

Olmix Group

Olmix will launch its latest algae-based innovation at EuroTier 2018: Algimun®


Strengthened natural defenses for optimized performance, Thanks to Algae!

Olmix Group

Memorandum of Understanding between Olmix Group and Dabaco


Both companies signed a partnership agreement at the Business France Forum organized by CCI France Vietnam on the 4th November in Ho Chi Minh City.

Olmix Group

First anniversary of the Olmix Group factory in Asia


Olmix Group opened its first factory in Asia last year in Vietnam to further strengthen its presence and implement its development strategy all over the Asian continent.

Olmix Group

Macroalgae: finding a route from research to consumers


Olmix Group presented algae as a unique source of sustainable solutions at the recent Algae Biomass Summit 2018 in Houston, USA.

Olmix Group

Olmix Group to host the Breizh Algae Tour 2018, Thanks to Algae!


Olmix Group’s annual scientific symposium will be held in Berlin from 11th-15th November.

Olmix Group

Algae: an effective lever for carbon-free agriculture and consumption


Mr Hervé Balusson, Olmix Group’s CEO & Founder, gives an interview for the first issue of Blue Innovation Magazine, where he addresses algae as a must in terms of renewable resources, antibiotic and pesticide-free production and the future projects to come.

Olmix Group

Algae at the heart of the Ryder Cup



Le Golf National applied the algae-based Olmix Integrated Plant Care Management programme to get golf courses ready for the Ryder Cup 2018.

Olmix Group

Olmix Group extends its plant nutrition activities by the acquisition of MPH (UK) and its participation in the acquisition of Amendis (France)



Olmix consolidates its Plant Care activities in 2018. Following the acquisition of PRP Technologies in 2017, the French group continues its external growth with access to new markets and to additional industrial facilities.